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Sunday, 28 September 2003
5th Victorian Mounted Rifles, Nominal Roll
Topic: BW - Vic - 5VMR

5th Victorian Mounted Rifles

Nominal Roll


In 1911, Lieutenant-Colonel P. L. Murray, produced a marvellous Boer War reference detailing all the contingents sent from Australia to South Africa, giving a brief history of the formation and finally, listing all the soldiers who saw service in South Africa with that unit. The book was called, Official Records of the Australian Military Contingents to the War in South Africa. It is now the standard reference and starting place for any person interested in pursuing information about Australian involvement in the Boer War.

Murray, P. L., Official Records of the Australian Military Contingents to the War in South Africa, pp. 280 - 303.


5th Victorian Mounted Rifles

1555 Saddler Herbert James ABBOTT

942 Private Edward Ernest ADAMS

1459 Private Walter Hugh AITKEN

Lieutenant Charles Henry AKINS

1442 Private Albert Reddon ALEXANDER

1279 Private Ernest Plunkett ALEXANDER

1280 Private Frank Plunkett ALEXANDER

774 Private Frederick Humphrey ALLAN

1575 Private Percy James ALLAN

Trumpeter Andrew Bruce Robert ALLEN

1365 Trumpeter Bruce ALLEN

1618 Private Albert George AMOR

1617 Private Walter AMOR

1278 Farrier Sergeant David ANDERSON

1462 Private David ANDERSON

1355 Private Herbert ANDERSON

Lieutenant Herbert Alfred ANDERSON

1676 Private James Percy ANDERSON

1451 Private William ANDERSON

1233 Private Henry Thomas ANTHONY

Lieutenant Hubert Oliver APPLEBY, aka Herbert Oliver APPLEBY

923 Private Thomas ARCHER

861 Private William ARKLE

1630 Private Aubrey Frederick ASHLEY

1170 Farrier Edward Johnson ASHTON

1388 Private Horace Garrett ATKINSON

1274 Private Charles ATTFIELD

71 Private William Henry BAILEY
1672 Private James BAILLIE

1472 Private Walter Albert BAIN

1125 Sergeant Arthur Herbert BAKER

1196 Private George BAMBROOK

839 Corporal Alfred BANBROOK

1627 Saddler Michael Joseph Jacob BANDEWIG

1371 Private George Thomas BARBER

1509 Saddler Richard Dawson BARBOR

1463 Private Henry L BARKELL

1359 Private Stanley John BARNARD

1436 Private Alfred Ernest BARNETT

1329 Private Edwin Allan BARNETT

1104 Private John BARR

781 Private Edgar Charles BARRY

1490 Private Frederick William BARTLETT

593 Sergeant Henry BARTON

1251 Shoeing Smith William James BARTON

1180 Private Anthony BATES

1265 Private James Patrick BAULD

1616 Private Ernest George Nelson BAXTER

1189 Private William John BEAMISH

Lieutenant Kenneth James BEATTY

1437 Private John BECHAZ

928 Sergeant James Alexander BEECHER

933 Private William Walter BEECHER

Lieutenant George John BELL

778 Corporal Harry Henderson BELL

994 Private Richard Chambers BELL

844 Lance Corporal GA BENNETT

884 Private George Albert BENNETT

937 Sergeant James Ernest BENT

1094 Company Quartermaster Sergeant Archie James BERRY

1002 Private Ernest BIGGINS

1298 Corporal Algernon Burnett BIGGS

865 Private Benjamin Entwistle BIRAM

1237 Private James BIRCH

1491 Sergeant Ormond Winstanley BIRCH

939 Sergeant Claude Manston L BIRD

1158 Private Frank BIRD

886 Trumpeter Francis John BIRMINGHAM

1624 Farrier John BISCAYA

1153 Farrier Edward John BISHOP

816 Private Sidney Rupert BLACK

734 Sergeant William Biddulph BLACKWOOD

964 Private William John BLAIR

1438 Private Ernest Henry BLANDFORD

1447 Corporal Arthur Lyndhurst BLANNIN

1496 Private William BLOOM

1532 Private John BLYTH

917 Corporal Robert BLYTH

784 Sergeant Alfred Hogarth BOAKE

1064 Private George BOLTON

1324 Private Percy Herbert Alfred BOLWELL

1560 Private Louis BOND

1561 Private William Henry BOND

804 Private Alfred William BORCHAM

1059 Private Louis Boyd BORLAND

1432 Private Percy Harold BORN

1494 Private John William BOTT

1559 Private Frank BOURKE

1293 Private William BOWEN

1146 Private George Alfred BOWMAN

857 Private Walton BOWMAN

783 Private Henry John BOXALL

Lieutenant Joseph Henry BRABAZON

Lieutenant Edgar BRACE

1117 Private James BRACE

1205 Saddler Reginald Filson BRACE

1426 Private Charles BRADLEY

1288 Private Henry BRAILSFORD

1318 Private Frederick BREARLEY

1641 Private Ernest Raymond BREGENZA

1270 Private Frederick Charles Lionel BRIDGELAND

1689 Private William George BRIGGS

1084 Private Henry Ralph BROOKS

1362 Private Henry BROWN

1290 Private William BROWNE

1659 Private Joseph Henry BROWNHILL

1120 Private Herbert Samuel BROWNING

1214 Private Henry Homeward BRUCE

1155 Private Herbert Foster BRUNET

1425 Private William Thomas BRUNSDON

1052 Farrier Sergeant Harry Cornelius BRYANT

1217 Private Robert George BRYANT

1202 Private Walter BRYANT

1700 Sergeant Alfred GK BUCKINGHAM

779 Private Patrick Craig BUCKLEY

1525 Private Frederick James BUD

922 Private William James BUGG

770 Sergeant Percy Thurlow BULL

1483 Private Walter Herbert BULLUSS

1372 Private Charles BUNNEY

1157 Farrier Gavin BUNNY

1543 Shoeing Smith George E Ernest BUNTING

903 Private Albert Edward BURLEY

737 Sergeant Alfred Edward BURMAN

738 Private William BURMAN

1569 Corporal Thomas Ross BURROWS

1691 Private George Rowland BUTTON

1394 Private Thomas Frank BYFORD
1284 Private Thomas Francis CAHIR

1018 Private Herbert Victor CALLENDER

921 Private Donald CAMERON

1156 Private Addison John CAMPBELL

1029 Sergeant Donald CAMPBELL

1049 Private Garnet CAMPBELL

995 Private Ormond Leslie CAMPBELL

1184 Saddler William CAMPBELL

1090 Private Alexander CANTY

1690 Saddler Frederick Hanison CAPPER

809 Private Charles Henry CARDWELL

1587 Private Andrew CAREY

1510 Saddler James CAREY

785 Sergeant PT CAREY

1400 Private William CAREY

1096 Sergeant Robert CARLISLE

1294 Private William Brown CARNEGIE

1282 Trumpeter John Paul CAROLIN

1670 Private Arthur CARR

957 Corporal James Patrick CARR

1523 Corporal James William CARROLL

Captain Harold Grafton CARSTAIRS

1131 Private Alfred Percy CARTER

743 Lance Corporal William Henry CARTER

845 Corporal Walter Edmund CASS

1686 Private Harry CATTANACH

1576 Private Frederick H CAUGHEY

848 Private George CAVANAGH

1450 Private John Patrick CAVANAGH

1369 Private Claude CHALMERS

1596 Private Francis Joseph CHAMBERS

1085 Private Michael James CHAMBERS

1234 Private Samuel CHAMBERS

1171 Private William CHAMINGS

1604 Private Percival Samuel CHANDLER

1511 Sergeant John CHAPMAN

1467 Private John CHARLTON

1005 Private Arthur Augustine CHISHOLM

1418 Private Alexander Forbes CHIVERS

Captain George Grifith Ffloyd CHOMLEY

1513 Private Henry CHRIMES

Lieutenant John George CHRISP

1305 Corporal Valdemar Witt CHRISTENSEN

1286 Private Henry CHRISTIE

924 Private Peter John CLANCY

1352 Private Walter Charles Alfred CLAREBOROUGH

775 Private George Edward CLARK

Lieutenant William Forbes CLARK

953 Private Alexander CLARKE

1162 Private Arthur CLARKE

1579 Private David Joseph CLARKE

1011 Private James CLARKE

750 Private Arthur Herbert McCarthy CLEELAND

731 Private George Francis Hudson CLELAND

726 Corporal Henry Charles CLELAND

Lieutenant George Justin Hill CLEMENTS

1109 Private James Archibald CLINGIN

1138 Private George CLINTON

732 Corporal John Andrew Ross CLUGSTON

1268 Saddler Frederick John COCHRAN


1175 Private William Henry COCK

1675 Private Arthur COCKRAN

831 Private Clive Dana COLLES

819 Private Frank William COLLINS

1007 Private James COLLINS

1176 Private John COLLINS

728 Private Walter John COLLINS

1273 Private Willie Arthur COLLINS


1330 Private Ernest COMBE

1186 Private William Graham CONNAL

1193 Private James CONQUEST

1548 Shoeing Smith John CONWAY

1053 Private Charles William COOK

1684 Saddler Harold Victor COOK

1105 Private William Henry COOK

746 Corporal Charles Oscar COOPER

1581 Private John CORRIGAN

1580 Private Robert William CORRIGAN

914 Private Thomas James CORTEEN

952 Private John COSTELLO

1028 Private Thomas COTTRELL

1164 Sergeant Arthur William COUGHLAN

Lieutenant Sydney Richard COULTER

1013 Private Robert COUSTLEY

1317 Private John COWAN

1677 Private William COWARD

940 Corporal Harold COX

1206 Private John William COX

780 Private Andrew Frederick CRAIG

1218 Private Cowan James CRAIG

1020 Shoeing Smith Ernest CRANE

1643 Private Charles CRAPPER

1516 Private Willam Henry CRAVEN

859 Private Francis CREAN

980 Private Albert Hugh CROCKER

1428 Private Joseph Ernest CROCKER

1348 Private William Fowler CROSBY

1693 Private Frederick William Burney CROSS

981 Private George CROWL

1339 Private George CROWLE

1241 Private Joseph Gibson CROY

1680 Private William Davis CROY

1350 Private Thomas CULLEN

1565 Private William CULLEN

1262 Sergeant Frederick Samuel CULLITON

934 Lance Corporal Edward Francis CUMMINS

907 Lance Corporal Robert CUNNINGHAM

1168 Private William Sheeton CUNNINGTON

1642 Sergeant John Treloar CURNOW

1187 Private James CUTHBERT
1032 Private John Fawcett DAFF

905 Private Frederick Joseph DALGARNO

906 Private John Stockton DALGARNO

Lieutenant Peter James DALLIMORE

1431 Corporal Douglas Henry DARE

1035 Private James Nankiville DARE

1033 Private Samuel Carlisle DARE

1552 Private Percy DARGIE

1172 Private William DARTNALL

1223 Private George DATSON

1061 Private Leslie DAVEY

1034 Private Albert Benjamin DAVIDSON

1098 Private Charles DAVIES

998 Private John DAVIES

946 Private Peter DAVIES

919 Corporal George DAVIS

1254 Private Mark DAVIS

1599 Private Frederick DAWSON

838 Private William Gregory DAY

Captain Thomas L DE HAVILAND

1584 Corporal George Samuel DE TRACY

1027 Private Harold DE VALLE

1075 Saddler Charles DEACON

889 Corporal John Thomas DEAR

967 Saddler Thomas DEARDEN

1464 Private John DENNEHY

1395 Private Hubert James DENNIS

1594 Corporal Robert DENT

1673 Private Thomas DIBBS

773 Private Harry James DILLON

1613 Private Frank DODSON

1311 Private James Wilson DONALD

755 Saddler Ernest Anthony DOODT

391 Private E DOULTON

795 Private Frederick George DOW

1163 Private George DOW

1644 Private Robert Alexander DOW

1531 Private George DOWN

1608 Private James Henry DRIVER

984 Private John James DRYSDALE

1514 Private Robert Alexander DRYSDALE

1103 Private Edward James DUDLEY

1102 Private William DUDLEY

1591 Private David DUELL

1435 Private Sidney DUFFELL

1504 Private John DUGGAN

1635 Private George DUNCAN

Lieutenant Robert Lewis DUNCAN

1453 Private William Gordon DUNCAN

1518 Private Ernest Patrick DWYER

868 Private Philip DWYER

776 Private Samuel DYKE
Lieutenant Gus. EBELING

908 Private William Valentine EDEN

1611 Private John William Davis EDGE

1169 Private William James EDINGTON

1301 Private Frederick William EDWARDS

826 Private Robert Duncan EDWARDS

1403 Private L ELLIS

1314 Trumpeter George ELLSWORTH

965 Private Robert John EMMETT

1362 Private Henry ENGELKE

830 Private David Francis ENNIS

Lieutenant Hugh James ESLER

1392 Private Samuel ESLER

772 Private Bertie ESMORE

1185 Private Daniel ESPIE

851 Corporal Edmund ETHELL

1468 Private David EVANS

843 Private Graham Berry EVANS

1215 Private RM EVANS

1139 Saddler William John EVERALL
1631 Private John FANNING

1452 Private Hare FARGUSON

Lieutenant Frederick Charles Edward FARLOW

803 Private Fred William FARMER

863 Private John FAY

480 Corporal HL FENTON

1188 Corporal Kenneth FERGUSON

1374 Saddler Arthur FILCAR

1444 Private Bertram S FINN

1603 Private Henry M Matheison FISCHER

1357 Private Harold Arthur FISHER

1583 Private Maurice Dawson FITZGIBBON

1083 Private Samuel FITZPATRICK

1563 Private Michael Vincent FLANNERY

1379 Private Laurence FLEMING

1201 Private Charles Edward FLETCHER

911 Lance Corporal Gordon Mackie FLETCHER

1456 Private William Laurence FOLEY

1406 Private Duncan William FORBES

1198 Private Henry Edward FORD

1043 Private Robert FORRESTER

1637 Private Ernest Alfred FOSTER

1391 Private Arnold W FREEMAN

1152 Private George FREEMAN

1008 Private Percy FRY

885 Company Sergeant Major George Watson FULLARTON

1541 Shoeing Smith Harold Richard Napier FYANS
1692 Private James GALLAGHER

853 Private James Farrell GALLAGHER

1110 Corporal George Thomas GAMBOLD

1614 Private Robert Somerton GAMES

Lieutenant Charles Alfred Percy GARDINER

1512 Private William GARDNER

Lieutenant Richard Reginald GARLAND

1328 Private Thomas GAULD

1281 Trumpeter Charles John GAVAGAN

1477 Private Richard Horace GAY

1253 Private John GAYNOR

1588 Private Thomas Moore GEORGE

1295 Corporal William Albion GIBBS

999 Private Thomas Edward GIBSON

1114 Private Edmund Burke GILBERT

1423 Private Thomas Nicklas GILBERT

1087 Private Arthur Horace GILES

1660 Private Nathaniel Oliver GILES

1047 Private John James GILL

902 Private David GLASS

988 Private Carlyon GLINN

983 Private Henry GLOWSKI

1682 Corporal John Heitland GODBY

932 Private Roland Tapley GODFREY

897 Private Alfred James GONSALVES

1545 Private Herbert GOOD

1448 Private John GOODALL

Sergeant Major RS GOODE

828 Private William Alexander GOODSIR

752 Private Charles Henry GOODWILL

1640 Corporal George Craig GOODWIN

1121 Corporal John E GOODWIN

1291 Private Thomas GOONEY

880 Corporal George Grosvenor GORDON

1430 Private Laurence James Watt GOUDIE

1368 Private Albert William GOURLAY

1373 Corporal William Keir GRADY

1361 Private George GRAHAM

1208 Private Peter GRAHAM

1203 Private Alfred GRANT

975 Private Frederick GRASSHAM

1633 Corporal Matthew GRAY

1174 Private Henry Havelock GRAYTON

913 Private Frederick GREENAWAY

Lieutenant AN GREGG

807 Private Henry Ernest GREGORY

1573 Private Herbert GRIMES

1572 Private William H GRIMES

956 Roy McNeill GRINHAM

Lieutenant Henry Chaplyn GROVER

Lieutenant Stamer GUBBINS

1470 Private Arthur GUY
847 Private Joseph HADDOCK

1446 Private Harry HADLEY

1568 Private Frank Leslie HALL

1310 Corporal Sidney HALL

1039 Private Frank HALSALL

955 Private John Melrose HAMILTON

854 Corporal Maxwell Charles Lefebre HAMMOND

1160 Private William HANDLEN

1537 Private William Thomas HANDLEY

1377 Private James Frew HARDIE

1439 Private Malcolm Kenneth HARDIE

1577 Private Timothy Patrick HARDIMAN

1145 Lance Corporal Walter HARKNESS

1195 Private Herbert HARRIS

968 Corporal Albert HARRISON

1366 Private Henry HARRISON

1570 Private Robert Glenn HARRISON

896 Farrier Thomas James Irwin HARRISON

1149 Private Edward HARTE

1622 Private John HASSETT

996 Private Robert HAWKES

763 Private John HAWKINS

1247 Private William George HAYES

797 Corporal Edwin HAYWOOD

1016 Private Kerwin HEAD

1674 Private Edward HEALEY

855 Private William James HEALY

1365 Private Arthur HEATH

1275 Private John HEDLEY

1493 Private Alexander HELLENS

1492 Private Richard HELLENS

1380 Private Herbert Henry HENDY

1360 Private Peter Francis HENNELLY

Lieutenant Victor Jerome Patrick HENNESSY

Lieutenant Harold HENWOOD

1300 Private Henry HERBERT

1567 Company Sergeant Major William Barker HERBERT

759 Private John HERON

1389 Private Leopold Francis HERRY

1235 Sergeant Henry Richmond HESKETH

1402 Private John T HEWETT

1455 Private Herbert Vincent HEWINS

1220 Private John HEWITT

969 Private John HICKEY

1657 Private Timothy HICKEY

1240 Corporal Sydney James HICKS

777 Private Leslie Lyndhurst HIGGINS

1212 Private George Thomas HILLARD

1664 Private William John HINTON

1226 Private Richard Francis HOBSON

1230 Private Bertram HOCKLEY

736 Sergeant Walter Norman HOCKLEY

1252 Private Charles Albert HODGES

1063 Private Frederick Charles HODGES

811 Private Henry William HODGSON

800 Private Frederick Victor HOFFMANN

1517 Private James Samuel HOGAN

1260 Private Albert Ernest HOLLIDAY

1242 Private Thomas HOLT

935 Private Frederick Charles HOMEL

1474 Sergeant Frederick George HONEYBONE

1347 Private Albert HOPKINS

769 Private Francis James HORNBY

974 Shoeing Smith Albert HOUGHTON

1485 Farrier Sergeant John Francis HOULIHAN

866 Private Edgar Ernest HOWELL

1528 Private Michael HUGHES

992 Private Herbert James HULME

900 Lance Corporal Henry Hall HUTCHINSON

1500 Private Oswald Nelson HUTCHISON

Captain Charles HUTTON

1551 Corporal William Liddordale HUTTON
1342 Private Andrew INGRAM

823 Private John IRELAND
808 Private Thomas William JACK

1181 Private William Walter JAMES

950 Private Cyril Charmers JARRETT

1345 Private Peter James JARVIE

799 Company Sergeant Major Albert JEFFERY

1088 Private Owen James JEFFERYS

1574 Private Ernest Otto JENCKE

1671 Private Fred JENKINS

1038 Private Thomas Walker JENKINSON

1685 Saddler George JEWELL

1648 Private David Allan JOHNSON

1649 Private Edmund Sheldrick JOHNSON

1638 Private Farmer JOHNSON

1341 Private Harry JOHNSON

765 Private James Newling JOHNSON

Lieutenant Alfred Gresham JOHNSTON

1655 Saddler Albert Ernest JOLLIFFE

1316 Private David Elliot JONES

1639 Corporal Hedley JONES

1259 Shoeing Smith James William Beever JONES

1148 Shoeing Smith Richard JONES

1440 Private William Sydney JONES

1696 Private D JORDON

1321 Private Frederick Daniel JOUGHIN

990 Private Thomas JUDD

849 Corporal William Walter Mitchell JUDD
910 Sergeant John Walter KEEBLE

1515 Private William KEEN

1183 Private Robert KELLAND

1154 Private James KELLY

Captain John KELLY

1612 Private William Albert KEMMIS

1476 Private Francis Hubert KEMP

1179 Private William Matthew KEMP

Vet. Captain EA KENDALL

801 Sergeant Cecil Taylor KENNEDY

954 Private James Robert KENNEDY

1003 Private Thomas KENNEDY

947 Private Thomas Henry KENNEDY

945 Private Albert George KERR

810 Private William Henry KERR

1004 Private Thomas Edward KERWIN

Lieutenant H KESSELL

877 Private Frederick KEYS

835 Sergeant Harold Leigh KIDDLE

930 Private Frank KIDSON

1385 Sergeant James KILBEG

1100 Private Harold Stanley KIMPTON

1079 Private George Albert KING

1081 Farrier Sergeant Percy Robert Henry Grierson KING

1668 Saddler James J KIRBY

753 Corporal Charles KISSANE

958 Sergeant William James KNIGHTS

1334 Private Verne KRODSTEDT

725 Sergeant Charles Frederick William KROSCHEL

1434 Private Augustus KUHLE
1497 Private Ernest George LAMARD

1399 Private Alexander Joseph LAMB

1358 Private Henry Spencer LAMB

754 Private Raymond Rivers LANYON

1346 Private Lionel Herbert LARPENT

744 Private John Cameron LAURIE

1101 Private John James LAWRENCE

1178 Private Walter Jack LAWTON

1127 Private Guy Wishart LEAR

949 Private John LEE

1376 Private Frank LEFFLER

1678 Private Robert William LEITH

986 Private Albert Francis LEWIS

1558 Private Henry James LEWIS

1022 Private John LEWIS

1540 Shoeing Smith Thomas Austin LIGHTFOOT

1062 Private James Abrahams LINACRE

1466 Private Charles Alexander LINDAN

1387 Saddler Charles LINDEN

1200 Private Arthur James LITTLEJOHN

864 Private Cecil LOCKHART

1378 Sergeant James Robert LOGAN

1010 Private James Roderick LORD

1390 Private Alexander Henry LOVE

756 Private Alfred John LOVELACE

1086 Private Arthur Albert LOWE

1353 Private Mark LOWENTHAL

948 Private Louis Anthony John LOWTHER

1336 Lance Corporal Gordon LUCAS

1383 Private Otto J. LUCKWALL

817 Company Quartermaster Sergeant Arthur Charles LUMLEY

1679 Private Michael James LYNCH

1332 Private Thomas Francis LYNCH

1194 Private Arthur Ernest LYON
742 Private Archibald MACARTHUR

1227 Private Laurence William MACDONALD

1557 Private William Hector MACDONALD


1610 Private Archibald Edward MACK

883 Private John MACKAY

882 Private Norman MACKAY

1313 Sergeant Robert Arch. MACKENZIE

1210 Private William MACKENZIE

1143 Private W MACKLEY

1433 Private William MACKLEY

874 Private Edward James MAGUIRE

1092 Private John MAHER

1249 Private William MAHER

1209 Private James Francis MAHONEY

1292 Shoeing Smith Thomas Henry MAHONEY

1119 Private Henry MAINE

814 Private William Alexander MALE

1445 Private William MANALLACK

821 Private James Patrick MANGAN

786 Private George MANNING

1681 Private James MANUELL

1424 Saddler Albert Henry MARSHALL

1480 Private William John MARSHALL

1023 Private Cecil Leslie MARTIN

973 Shoeing Smith John Frederick MARTIN

1297 Sergeant Willie MARTINSON

1190 Private Fred MARTYN

792 Private William MASSIE

1615 Private John Cameron MATHESON

898 Private Albert Edwin MATTHEWS

1093 Private Louis Henry MATTHEWS

1048 Sergeant Edward MAWLEY

1277 Corporal Edward Sherwood MAY

Lieutenant Leslie Cecil MAYGAR

824 Private John MAYNARD

1354 Private Harry Victor MAYS

1066 Private George MCALPINE

1562 Private George MCBRIDE

1553 Private Thomas MCCALLUM

893 Private John Bernard MCCANN

1667 Saddler H MCCASKILL

1519 Farrier Robinson Abram MCCLAREN

1687 Private John Joseph MCCLYMONT

727 Private John MCCORKELL

1129 Private Henry Charles MCCORMACK

805 Private William John MCCOY

867 Sergeant Ralph MCCRACKEN

931 Private William MCCUTCHAN

1312 Private Donald MCDONALD

1429 Private John George MCDONALD

936 Sergeant Michael Terence MCDONALD

764 Private William Nicol MCDONALD


1410 Farrier Sergeant John Thomas MCDONNELL

1191 Private Fred Aspinall MCFEE

741 Sergeant Ernest MCGEE

1036 Private Albert James MCGRATH

887 Private Patrick Daniel MCGRATH

825 Private Alexander MCGREGOR

1050 Private John Daniel MCINTOSH

1051 Private John Thomas MCINTOSH

Lieutenant Hector MCINTYRE

Lieutenant Edward James MCKAIGE

834 Private Charles MCKAY

873 Private David William MCKAY

858 Private William Henry MCKAY

1443 Private Francis Gurley MCKENZIE

1024 Private Ernest Edward MCKEOWN

1589 Private James MCKERLIE

788 Private Walter MCKIMMIE

Major William MCKNIGHT

872 Private Hector MCLACHLAN

1099 Private Alexander MCLEAN

1547 Shoeing Smith Archibald Hardy MCLEAN

1137 Private George MCLEAN

771 Private Ernest George MCLELLAN

1047 Farrier Sergeant Donald MCLENNAN


1546 Shoeing Smith William Joseph MCMAHON

976 Private Gilbert James MCMICKING

762 Private Joseph Rea MCMILLAN

1057 Private Alexander Stuart MCNABB

1089 Private John MCNALLY

1320 Private Albert Edward MCNAMARA

1625 Saddler Joseph MCNAMARA

1461 Private Colin MCNEILL

1124 Private James MCNEILL

890 Corporal Angus MCPHEE

991 Private Angus MCPHEE

1605 Private Archibald Robert MCPHERSON

1304 Corporal Ronald V MCPHERSON

972 Private Godfrey Francis MCRAE

Captain Abraham James Howlin MEADOWS

842 Private William Patrick MEAGHER

1521 Private Bernard MELANS

1327 Private David MELICAN

1529 Private Ralph Norman MESSEROY

1636 Private James MILES

1397 Private Thomas William MILES

1212 Private S MILLARD

1683 Private Albert MILLER

1415 Private Herbert MILLER

1014 Shoeing Smith Samuel MILLER

1351 Corporal William MILLER

1533 Private Arthur Lewis MILLS

1045 Private John Matthew MILLS

1488 Private Benjamin Francis MITCHELL

1067 Private James Bevan MITCHELL


1405 Private Frederick Harold MOLYNEUX

860 Private Arthur James MONK

850 Private George Wright MOORE

1177 Private Henry MOORE

1315 Corporal James Webber MOORE

1382 Private Frederick Thomas MOOREHOUSE

1199 Private Edward Dalton MORAN

899 Corporal John Thomas MORAN

1159 Private Walter MORGAN

1458 Private Thomas MORRISON

Captain Francis William MOSELEY

1556 Private Gordon Osborne MOULE

791 Private A M'PHEE

982 Private Ronald Thomas MUIR

943 Saddler William MUIR

970 Private Clarence Alka MULLEN

961 Private George Percy MULLEN

959 Private Leslie Miltiadies MULLEN

1077 Corporal Otto Emil MULLER

1646 Private Alexander MUNRO

Lieutenant Arthur Edward MURPHY

1600 Private William David MURPHY

1289 Private Alfred MURRAY

1499 Saddler Cecil Bertie MURRAY

1267 Private Charles MURRAY

1626 Saddler George William MURRAY

1417 Private James Robert MURRAY
1661 Private Richard Rooke NAYLOR

768 Private John Valentine NEEDHAM

1586 Sergeant Albert Henry NEWELL

1017 Lance Corporal Frederic Lord NEWELL

1243 Private Henry S NEWHAM

1662 Private William Herbert NEWHAM

1404 Corporal Henry NEWLANDS

1530 Private Abel Ernest NEWMAN

1653 Private Alfred John NEWTON

1001 Private John NEWTON

1144 Private Samuel NEWTON

1133 Private Nevin NEYLAND

1060 Private Donald NICOLSON

1285 Private John NOBLE

1106 Private Richard William NOBLE

1522 Private William NOLAN

1647 Private John James NOONAN

1416 Private Francis Elton NORWOOD

1478 Corporal Martin Herbert NOYE

1505 Private John Joseph NUGENT

1623 Private Matthew NUNAN

1645 Private Isaac NUTTALL

733 Private Mark Cyril NUTTALL
997 Private Michael O'BRIEN

1207 Private Timothy O'BRIEN

895 Corporal Thomas Michael O'DEA

729 Corporal Charles Edward Somerset O'DONNELL

1482 Private John O'DONOGHUE

1245 Private John O'FARRELL

1420 Private James William O'KEEFE

Lieutenant Bryan O'LOGHLEN

1009 Private James William O'LOUGHLAN

1484 Private Francis Errick OLSEN

820 Private William OLSEN

Lieutenant Thomas Stephen Leo O'REILLY

8870 Private Ernest Albert ORGILL

Lieutenant Henry Houston OSBORNE

1073 Private Richard OSBORNE

796 Private Terence Joseph OSBORNE

927 Company Sergeant Major Harry A OSGOOD

891 Corporal Thomas Martin O'SHEA

Colonel Alfred Emanuel OTTER

1255 Sergeant Joseph Guy OUTHWAITE
1227 Private William Gering PAGDEN

Lieutenant Herbert Appleton PALMER

798 Private John PARKER

1213 Private Henry PARROTT

1335 Private Herbert Henry PARRY

915 Private Alexander James PARSELL

812 Private Wesley PARSONS

1231 Private William Forest PASSMORE

878 Private Albert PATERSON

748 Private William PATRICK

751 Private Ernest Edward PATTERSON

806 Private James Benjamin PATTERSON

Lieutenant James Harold PATTERSON

912 Private Alfred Edward PAULETT

1248 Private Norman PAULIN

1116 Private Walter Ernest PAYNE

1056 Private William John PAYNE

1337 Private William Joseph PEARSALL

1216 Private Leslie Osbourne PEARSE

1507 Saddler William Gage PEDLER

813 Lance Corporal William Christie PENTLAND

1266 Private John Julius PETERS

929 Private George PETTIT

1364 Private Joseph V. PFEFFER

1080 Private Michael PHELAN

1225 Private Arnold PHILLIPS

985 Private Fennel PHILLIPS

1000 Private Francis Percy PHILLIPS

1473 Shoeing Smith Richard PHILLIPS

1287 Private Edward PIKE

1263 Private Thomas PITT

1539 Shoeing Smith Stephen Richardson PLEYDELL

1460 Private Samuel POLLOCK

894 Company Quartermaster Sergeant Albert E PONTIN

1367 Private Louis POPE

1486 Private Charles POTTER

Lieutenant Thomas Henry POWER

1019 Private Harry POWIS

1143 Private William PRENTICE

1564 Private Richard PRESTON

761 Farrier Sergeant Charles Robert PROSSER

749 Lance Corporal Albert Hazelwood PURCHASE

987 Private William PURDEY

977 Corporal Harold Egbert PURDUE

978 Private Horace Josiah PURDUE

1542 Shoeing Smith Hugh Landler PURSE

1303 Private Robert PURVES

1044 Company Quartermaster Sergeant William Joseph PUZEY
1136 Saddler William Joseph QUINN

1271 Private Alfred George QUINTON
1232 Private Matthew RAFFERTY

1844 Private S RAMSAY

1544 Shoeing Smith Samuel John RAMSAY

1115 Company Quartermaster Sergeant Samuel William RAMSAY

1356 Private George RANKIN

1634 Shoeing Smith James RANKIN

822 Private Robert RANKIN

1165 Private William Henry RAWLINS

1487 Corporal Herbert William Leslie RAYNER

979 Private William Augustus RECKENBERG

1421 Private David William REDDAN

1628 Private Robert Boyle REDDOCH

Lieutenant Percy William REDFORD

1413 Private Charles Richard Henry REDSTON

1650 Shoeing Smith Ernest REETMAN

1238 Private John Coas REEVE

1006 Private Frederick George REID

785 Private Edward Alexander REISENANER

1414 Saddler George REVELL

1239 Private Stanley Moore REYNOLDS

1454 Private Alfred John RICE

1370 Private Edward Henry David RICE

1272 Private Arthur RICHARDS

829 Private Joseph RICHARDS

1326 Private John Henry RICKARDS

856 Private Charles William RIDD

1224 Private Henry John RIEKIE

Captain Edmond Edward RIGHETTI

1502 Private Marshall RILEY

1503 Private William Charles RILEY

1571 Private John Vernon RITCHARDS

793 Private Charles Herbert ROACH

1123 Sergeant Richard ROBERTS

1658 Private Ernest ROBERTSON

1344 Corporal Robert Patrick Norton ROBERTSON

Lieutenant Septimus Archdale ROBERTSON

841 Sergeant Arthur Leslie ROBINSON

1363 Private Edgar Edward ROBINSON

1597 Private George Morton ROGERS

1699 Sergeant C ROLFE

1135 Private George RONEY

1197 Private Harry Morgan ROSE

1629 Corporal Arthur William ROSS

Sergeant Callum ROSS

1112 Private David Bain ROSS

1134 Private John ROSS

1122 Sergeant Malcolm ROSS

1228 Private Thomas Scott ROSS

1076 Private William ROSS

1322 Private William ROSS

Lieutenant Andrew Percival ROWAN

1481 Private Ernest James ROWE

815 Private Arthur Exley RUDDLE

1204 Private Frank Ernest RUDDLE

1097 Corporal John Horace Douglas RUTLEDGE
1419 Shoeing Smith James Robert SADLER

1381 Private Charles Thomas SALMON

827 Company Quartermaster Sergeant John Henry William SALMON

1015 Private William Robert SAMERS

1299 Private Percy Fred. SAMPSON

1585 Private Otto Felix SAMUELS

38 Private J SANDERS

1025 Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Andrew SARKIES

1449 Private Charles Alexander SAUNDERS

1566 Private Herman SCHOMAN

1384 Private Robert William SCOTT

1527 Private Walter Frost SCOTT

1070 Private Henry John Fenton SCRIVEN

1167 Farrier Sergeant William James SEABORN

1041 Private Frederick Herbert SEEKAMP, aka Frederick Herbert LEEKAMP

Lieutenant Sydney SELMAN

Lieutenant John E SERGEANT

1074 Shoeing Smith William Thompson SERJEANT

782 Private Charles Tudor SEYMOUR

766 Private Thomas SHANKS

1308 Private Charles Henry SHARPE

1411 Corporal Fred SHAW

1524 Private John SHAW

794 Private Alfred George SHEARER

739 Corporal Harry SHEEHAN

1465 Private Patrick SHEEHAN

1479 Corporal George Herbert SHEPPARD

1619 Private JJ SHEPPARD

789 Corporal C SHERAR

1211 Private EC SHERAR

1409 Private James Henry SHERAR

Vet. Captain Samuel SHERLOCK

1140 Private John SHIELDS

1132 Private Thomas Lackey Cunningham SHIELDS

1012 Private William Samuel SHIRLEY

740 Saddler Arthur James SHORT

963 Private Richard Lewis SIEVERS

1055 Private Henry Charles SIMCOX

1401 Private Albert SIMMONS

1236 Private Felix Leonard SIMONS

1457 Private Arthur Henry SIMPSON

1166 Private George Edward SIMPSON

1536 Farrier Henry SIMPSON

1068 Corporal Joseph SLATER

1617 Private Walter SLATER

1620 Saddler Seymour SLOPER

758 Private Arthur SMART

1593 Private Nathaniel Augustus SMART

1501 Private Charles Francis SMITH

1108 Private Ernest SMITH

1229 Private Frederick James SMITH

960 Private Guy Haddon SMITH

1111 Private Horace Fellowes SMITH

1688 Private John Hartley SMITH

Lieutenant Norman SMITH

1173 Private Robert Boyle SMITH

1398 Private Robert Sydney SMITH

1107 Private Shorland H SMITH

989 Private Theo. SMITH

1257 Private Thomas Cadzow SMITH

1550 Shoeing Smith William Alexander SMITH

818 Private William Edward SMITH

962 Private William Sydney SMITH

1489 Private William SOULTRY

1534 Private Arthur SOUTHERN

1592 Private Austin Jeremiah SPARK

1506 Private William Henry SPEARS

802 Private Isaac SPEERS

1538 Private George Watson SPENCE

1261 Private Albert Edward SPOWART

1609 Private James SPRIGG

1408 Private William Henry SPURR

1554 Private Ernest STAFFORD

837 Private Ernest William STAINBOROUGH

1498 Private Leslie Robert STAINSBY

1396 Private Alfred Henry STANBOROUGH

837 Private Ernest William STANBOROUGH

1256 Private William Charles STANLEY

1621 Private Atholstan STARK

1349 Private Frederick William STEAD

Lieutenant James Frederick STEBBINS

1246 Private Allan STEEGE

1258 Private George STEELE

875 Private Henry Darragh STEELE

1031 Private James STEELE

1142 Private James STEELE

1118 Private Thomas Alexander STEELE

971 Sergeant David John STEIN

1244 Private Edward Henry STEVENSON

1694 Private Charles John STEWART

881 Private James STEWART

1306 Private James Johnson STIRLING

Lieutenant Duncan STOCK

1151 Private Charles STRACHAN

1307 Private George William STRATTON

909 Sergeant Charles STREITBERG

1412 Private Ernest James STRIKE

Vet. Lieutenant Charles Denniston STRONG

846 Sergeant William Henry STRONG

832 Private George Daniel SULLIVAN

852 Company Quartermaster Sergeant William N SULLIVAN

1040 Private John SUPPLE

1030 Private Edward SWAIN

1331 Private John SWAN

1026 Private John SWEENY

1069 Company Quartermaster Sergeant John SYMMONDS
1333 Sergeant William Thomas TACKABERRY

Captain Edward Charles TATCHELL

1508 Saddler Andrew TAYLOR

836 Private Frederick Norman TAYLOR

844 Corporal George May TAYLOR

833 Private William Francis TEMPLE

767 Private William Matthew TENNICK

1250 Private James THISTLETON

840 Private Charles Hugh THOMAS

1147 Sergeant Gwillim Trehara THOMAS

1651 Saddler James Faulkner THOMAS

876 Private Robert THOMAS

1192 Private Walter Edward THOMAS

1666 Saddler Daniel THOMPSON

1113 Private James Barrett THOMPSON

1598 Private Robert THOMPSON

1471 Corporal Albert William THOMSON

1042 Private James Peter THOMSON

1495 Private Charles Edward THORNE

892 Private William Henry THORNE

1602 Private Rupert Melbourne THORNTON

760 Private Stanley James THORPE

993 Private Alfred George THURGOOD

1021 Trumpeter Windsor Herbert TICKELL

1065 Private Thomas Terence TIGHE

1338 Private Frederick Gladman TILLEY

1669 Private Cyril Douglas TIMBURY

1595 Private George Thomas TIMEWELL

901 Private Robert Anglin TIVENDALE

1654 Saddler Henry Holton TOMKINS

1469 Private William Ernest TOOTELL

920 Private Charles Robert TOPHAM

1095 Private Richard E TOPHAM

1386 Private George TOWNSEND

918 Private William Finlay TOWT

1526 Private Francis Henry TRIGGER

791 Private Charles Samuel TRIPPET

151 Private LJ TROTMAN

1319 Private John William TROYEL

879 Private Frederick John TURNER

1264 Private Horace Bulwer TURNER

1695 Private Richard Marsden TURNER

1269 Private Frederick TWEEDLE
Lieutenant Thomas Austin UMPHELBY

Major Thomas Frederick UMPHELBY
1582 Private EA VALPIED

1221 Private John Edward VERCOE

745 Private Ernest VOGEL
1078 Company Sergeant Major William Albert WAITE

1302 Private William Fenton WALDIE

1343 Private Edward Gordon WALKER

941 Private James Rowan WALKER

1876 Private CN WALLACAN

1578 Farrier Charles William WALLACE

1071 Private William WALLACE

1652 Private Joseph WALSH

Lieutenant Edward Reginald Norcliffe WALTON

1549 Shoeing Smith Joseph WALTON

1393 Private Angus Atty WARNER

1340 Private Alfred George WARREN

951 Private Thomas Gordon WARREN

1276 Private AE WATSON

735 Trumpeter Harold Edgar WATSON

1590 Private Robert Alfred WATSON

966 Private Thomas William WATSON

1130 Sergeant Alfred WATT

Lieutenant BAG WATTS

197 Sergeant RW WAUGH

Lieutenant Walter Stockbridge WEDD

938 Private Herbert WEEDING

1058 Private William John WEIDNER

1325 Saddler John Charles WEIR

1082 Private John Lewis WEIR

1375 Corporal William Richard WEIR

1606 Private Llewellyn WEISS

925 Private Arthur WELLINGTON

1161 Company Sergeant Major Thomas Robertson WEST

747 Private David Jesse WHEELER

944 Private John WHELAN

1607 Private Albert Thomas WHITE

1697 Sergeant DC WHITE

1475 Private James Edwin WHITE

1283 Trumpeter Thomas E WHITFORD

1422 Private Albert Walter WHITTAKER

730 Private James WHYTE

757 Private Phillip Francis WIGHT

926 Lance Corporal Valentine Randolph WILCKENS

1520 Private Thomas WILCOCK

1219 Private Digby Hoskins WILLAN

1222 Private Percy WILLETT

1535 Private Stephen WILLETT

1126 Private Charles WILLIAMSON

904 Private David WILLIAMSON

1091 Private Thomas Peter WILLIAMSON

1656 Private Arthur Reginald WILSON

1601 Private Charles WILSON

1128 Trumpeter Edward WILSON

1037 Private James Leslie WILSON

916 Private John WILSON

787 Private John Henry WILSON

1663 Private Peter WILSON

1309 Private Thomas WILSON

1054 Private William WILSON

869 Private Albert WINTER

Civilian Surgeon JB WOOD

1296 Private Thomas James WOOD

1141 Private William Alfred WOOD

790 Private Arthur WOODBRIDGE

1072 Private Henry Victor WOOSTER

1150 Private Arthur Ernest WRIGHT

1665 Saddler John Christopher WRIGHT

1323 Private Albert William Joseph WYATT

1046 Private Arthur WYNDHAM
1182 Private Harry YAGER

888 Private Arthur Edward YOUNG

862 Private Edward YOUNG

1441 Private Thomas Joseph YOUNG



Further Reading:

5th Victorian Mounted Rifles

5th Victorian Mounted Rifles, Roll of Honour

Boer War - Victoria

Battles where Australians fought, 1899-1920


Citation: 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles, Nominal Roll

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5th Victorian Mounted Rifles, Roll of Honour
Topic: BW - Vic - 5VMR

Boer War, 1899 - 1902

Australian Forces

Roll of Honour

5th Victorian Mounted Rifles

Poppies on the Roll of Honour, Australian War Memorial, Canberra


The Roll of Honour contains the names of all the men known to have served at one time with the 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles and gave their lives in service of Australia, whether as part of the 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles or another unit during the Boer War.


Roll of Honour


Stanley John BARNARD

Ernest Henry BLANDFORD

Louis BOND

Henry John BOXALL

Alfred George Kernan BUCKINGHAM

Albert Edward BURLEY

George Rowland BUTTON




John George CHRISP



Sydney Richard COULTER


Albert Benjamin DAVIDSON

Frederick George DOW


Carlyon GLINN

Laurence James Watt GOUDIE




Robert Glenn HARRISON

William James HEALY

Herbert Henry HENDY

Herbert Vincent HEWINS


John Francis HOULIHAN


William Walter JAMES

Alfred Gresham JOHNSTON




Henry Spencer LAMB



Archibald Edward MACK

Thomas Henry MAHONEY

John Bernard MCCANN



Arthur Edward MURPHY




Herbert Appleton PALMER



Edward Alexander REISENANER

Robert Patrick Norton ROBERTSON

Thomas Scott ROSS

Ernest James ROWE


William Alexander SMITH


Albert Edward SPOWART

George William STRATTON


Rupert Melbourne THORNTON

Richard TOPHAM




Robert Alfred WATSON


James Edwin WHITE


Lest we forget


Further Reading:

5th Victorian Mounted Rifles

Boer War, 1899 - 1902

Battles where Australians fought, 1899-1920


Citation: Boer War, 1899 - 1902, Australian Forces, 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles, Roll of Honour

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5th Victorian Mounted Rifles, Serious Charges
Topic: BW - Vic - 5VMR

5th VMR

5th Victorian Mounted Rifles

Serious Charges


The Fifth Victorian Contingent Serious Charges.

[From: The Australasian, 5 October 1901, p. 768.]

The transcription follows: 

The Fifth Victorian Contingent Serious Charges.

Information received from South Africa reveals an unfortunate state of things in connection with the Fifth Contingent of Victorians now on service there. The contingent has, in more than one respect, seriously damaged the reputation of the Australian soldier in South Africa, for apart from the fact that until their arrival no large body of Australian troops had ever thrown down their arms to the enemy - a record of which all Australians were naturally proud and one which had been maintained at times by splendid acts of heroism, and self-sacrifice - there are statements current that cannot be ignored that these men have got thoroughly undisciplined and out of hand. That they were unfortunate in their brigade commanders is admitted, but that the mischief has been internal, too, is absolutely asserted.

The regiment had not been more than a week in the field when one of their number was court-martialled, and sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment for refusing to obey the commands of a sergeant. They were, under instructions, removing stuff from a rebel farm-house, when a sergeant ordered one of the men to come away he simply said "I won't," and for these two words got 12 months. To a civilian the sentence seems out of proportion to the offence, but a direct refusal to obey orders is a most serious misdemeanour on active serve.

Since then things have got much worse, and two of the contingent at least –possibly three, though as to the third there is some uncertainty have been sentenced to be shot. The sentence in each case been commuted by Lord Kitchener, the commander-in-chief, to 12 years' penal servitude, and the men have been sent to English prisons to serve heir sentence. In other cases sentences of two and three years have been inflicted.

Wherever the blame for early misdemeanour may be allotted there appears to be little doubt that the climax in the ill luck of the regiment was reached from the moment that the here made part of the brigade, commanded by a particular Imperial officer, and in an almost equally marked degree to the hostile and offensive attitude of their brigade major.

On the eve of Wilmansrust a detachment of the Fifth Contingent had returned from a long and arduous trek, and had no sooner settled down in camp than they were ordered out ors picket duty. They at first refused to obey orders but were finally persuaded to do so. Pickets were posted with long intervals, according to the orders already mentioned. Through one of these gaps the Boers crept, under cover of darkness, took the sleeping camp by surprise, and the disaster of Wilmansrust followed. And, as a necessary consequence, there followed, too, the questions of blame and the usual recriminations. The contingent had lost all faith in and respect for their commanding officer - the commanding officer was equally contemptuous of the contingent. Instead of being, as was expected, at once sent into Middleburg to refit, they were kept to the South, constantly harassed by the enemy, and forming regular Boer laagers with the waggons every night, while all the positions were thorough entrenched, a precaution which had not been taken at Wilmansrust. Seven days later, on rejoining Sir Bindon Blood they were at once sent in to Middleburg, but, in the meantime, the friction with their commanding officer had reached extreme tension.

On the march one day, and in the presence of the Australian officers - Major Harris and Captain Anderson are specifically named - the brigadier in the course of a conversation observed, "I tell you what I think the Australians are a fat, round - shouldered, useless crowd of wasters." Major Harris retorted, "I'm sorry to hear you say that and I intend to take down our words.” “Do that by all means," said the brigadier, "and you can add if you like that in my opinion they are a lot of white-livered curs." The statement was carried to Major M'Knight, who saw the brigadier, and asked for an apology. This, it was, understood, was given, the officer explaining hat he spoke in the heat of temper, and did not quite mean all he said. Some of the men had in the meantime come under the lash of his scorn. Some four days after Wilmansrust they were camped at a large farmhouse, where a lot of pigs were running about. The men asked for permission too kill some of them for fresh meat and the officer immediately in command had given them permission to do so. Pig-sticking, though a recognised branch of military sport, and often a very essential thing on service when rations are short and the great problem of something to eat always present - is not, of course, a very dignified thing in warfare. The free-speaking and always arrogant brigadier chanced to ride by while the men were trying to bayonet the pigs, and at once said, "Yes, that's just about what you men are good for. When the Dutchmen came along the other night you didn't fix bayonets and charge them, but you go for something that can't hit back." Some days later in Middleburg half-a-dozen men were sitting round the fire at talking of these matters, when one of them (Steele) said, "We'll be a lot of fools if we go out with him again,” meaning the brigadier. The words were overheard by a lieutenant of the contingent, who repeated them. The charge was made within the regiment, and Steele, being tried for inciting to mutiny, was found guilty, and sentence to be shot - a sentence afterwards commuted to imprisonment.

That the men had good reason to complain of their brigadier is clear, but they took an inexcusable way of showing it on service. Complaints had already made to Sir Bindon Blood, and, whether he thought that they were justified, or that, under all the circumstances, it was impossible to hope for good work, the contingent was taken from their former commander, and part of it sent to Newcastle and afterwards to Utrecht, where it seems to have shared in a minor disaster.

Wilmansrust left its aftermath in another direction. Some time after the disaster Major M'Knight was relieved of his command, and sent on other duty of an inferior kind. No reason for the change was suggested, and nothing of the results of the inquiry made public; but, the fact that rankled with the Australians was that their own officer, who was only second in command on the night of the disaster, was in some measure degraded; while Major Morris, who was in direct command, and senior to M'Knight, still retains command of the Horse Artillery battery. There may be circumstances unknown fully justifying the action in each case, but in their dissatisfied and captious – if not disorganised – mood the men of the contingent find in it another cause for complaint.

There is evidence of fault on both sides. A returned officer, in speaking of the Fifth Contingent, says; - “There is no disguising the fact they are not a good lot, and are, or were, disorganised. I saw them do things on active service for which, in our own defence force and in peace time, they would have been instantly cashiered."


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Citation: 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles, Serious Charges

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5th Victorian Mounted Rifles, Wilmansrust and after
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5th VMR

5th Victorian Mounted Rifles

Wilmansrust and after


Wilmansrust and after.

[From: The Australasian, 5 October 1901, p. 766.]


The transcription follows: 

Wilmansrust and after 

A very unfortunate reticence has surrounded the disaster which befell the Fifth Victorian Contingent at Wilmansrust. The meagre details of the event itself which came through by cable in literal truth “hastened slowly.” There was some restraining hand in South Africa. Probably the censor thought he was dealing kindly with these communities. Only by degrees did we learn what had really happened. And now we are, in the same tardy fashion, hearing of equally unwelcome consequences of getting the information, but at least it is to them that the public are indebted for getting it at all. Neither the state Government nor the Defence department has any arrangement for obtaining official reports. Our men are sent to war and we hear no more about them except the unofficial news - much of it necessarily unverified - gathered and published by the daily journals. Sir John Forrest ought not to be content with such a position of affairs. A line of regular and complete communication between the Minister of Defence and the Commonwealth Contingents is a very obvious requirement.

Of the Wilmansrust disaster it is possible to take too harsh a view. It is pretty well agreed by the critics who include a number of the survivors - that the site of the camp was badly chosen, and that the "gappy" system of picketing adopted was the blunder primarily responsible for the failure to detect the approach of the enemy. There was no cordon of guards around the camp. But the commander on the occasion,  who was an Imperial officer, must bear the blame for these mistakes. The sudden rush of the Boers caught our fellows quite unconcerned and unprepared. The whole thing was over in a few minutes, but those few minutes are the one blot upon the Australian record. That there were many individual instances of cool bravery can read only be imagined and believed. It is equally easy to imagine and believe that there was more or less panic, especially as the men are declared to have been without their rifles and cut off from access to theirs. The Boers ran over the camp, and retired with the honours of a victory won at comparatively light cost to themselves. And this has hurt our pride. Perhaps we had been indulging in laudation of our representatives - a subtle form of self-flattery - pitched in an over high, rather feminine strain; and Wilmansrust brings us down, with a disagreeable "flop," to the earth again. Our pride will have to walk softly for a time. But there are considerations which should mitigate disappointment and humiliation. One is that against Wilmansrust may be set a splendid series of valorous displays. Another is that all the other branches of the British Army in South Africa have had their occasional reverses. And a third is that human nature is universally liable to panic. Not even troops who have repeatedly proved their bravery, who are thoroughly disciplined, and who have a matured experience in. active service, can claim absolute immunity. Over and over again lapses at the critical moment into nervous weakness and losses of self control have unaccountably occurred. They are part of the common lot. What we have to be satisfied with - what, after all, is the true basis of national pride - is the fact that the Australian average in regard to soldierly achievements is creditably high. Wilmansrust cannot be forgotten; but it is the average that place's a people.

The insubordination which is alleged to have followed Wilmansrust is hardly less regrettable than the disaster itself. Assuming, for the sake of argument, that the reports of it have not been exaggerated, it was unsoldierly and unpardonable. Let it be conceded that there was gross provocation - that it was the contingents very great misfortune to come under the command of General Beatson, who is said to be prejudiced against irregular forces, and to be afflicted with a violent, temper and tongue. A general officer who could speak of the Australians as "a lot of white-livered curs" was unfit to hold any authority over them. It could not have been a pleasant duty to obey such a commander after the insult had been uttered and circulated, even though it had been apologised for. There are insults that no apology obliterates. No doubt General Beatson was irritated by Wilmansrust. That is intelligibly enough; but he must have known that no campaign escapes such incidents, and the genius of command, if he possessed it, should have told him that the Victorians were smarting under a sense of what had happened, and that sympathetically handled, they would have made the most strenuous efforts to set deeds of valour against Wilmansrust. Unfortunately the feeling of his displeasure and distrust had to be endured - a bitter punishment: But nothing justified insubordination. The news that three Victorians were tried by court-martial, found guilty, and sentenced to death (though the sentences were commuted by Lord Kitchener to terms of Imprisonment) came as a most painful shock to the people of Victoria, and indeed, of the whole Commonwealth. A soldier's first duty is absolute obedience. The moment he disobeys he plays the enemy's game. Disaster would follow upon disaster if the responsible commanders had to deal with insubordinate troops. Each soldier is part of the fighting power which the commander depends upon, and which, if trustworthy, moves and acts as he wills. Therefore insubordination is severely punishable in the armies of all nations. It cannot be tolerated anywhere. The man who is not willing to obey is essentially not a soldier.

The Fifth Contingent was as carefully picked as any of its predecessors so far as physical qualifications concerned. But it is said that in other important respects it was distinctly inferior. Particularly it had the smallest proportion of men with previous military training and experience, and it was - with individual exceptions, of course - poorly officered on both the commissioned and the non-commissioned sides. So it was a "raw" regiment in -an unusual degree. And this lack of knowledge on the part of the officers, and of discipline on the part of the men, is probably the true explanation of the insubordinate tendency. The strain of adverse circumstances was more than they could bear with perfect patience. There have been rumours that the strain was not perfectly borne by some of the other contingents; and the lesson of it all is that discipline, especially in its moral aspect, cannot with impunity be omitted from the soldier's equipment. Obedience, patience, fortitude, cheerfulness - these are fruits of discipline. Much will be gained when there is universal recognition in the Commonwealth that our defenders will need these qualities. Swagger and uncontrolled temper and self-will and resentment of authority destroy the soldier. Other things being equal, the disciplined man is the better fighter. The technical intricacies of drill are not worth much. Discipline is a larger thing; and it is to be hoped that high value will be set upon it in the defensive preparation of Australia.



Further Reading:

Wilmansrust, South Africa, 12 June 1901

5th Victorian Mounted Rifles

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Battles where Australians fought, 1899-1920


Citation: 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles, Wilmansrust and after

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2nd Australian Commonwealth Horse, Victoria, Contents
Topic: BW - Vic - 2ACH

2nd ACH (Vic)

2nd Australian Commonwealth Horse, Victoria






2nd Australian Commonwealth Horse, Victoria, Outline

Nominal Roll

2nd Australian Commonwealth Horse, Victoria, Nominal Roll



Roll of Honour

2nd Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse, Victoria, Roll of Honour
Lest we forget



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Boer War, 1899 - 1902, Australian Forces, 2nd Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse Victoria, Roll of Honour 

Boer War, 1899 - 1902

Battles where Australians fought, 1899-1920


Citation: 2nd Australian Commonwealth Horse, Victoria, Contents

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