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AIF to CMF Changes
AIF to CMF Changes

The following pages are from the Orders designed to bring the Citizens Military Force (CMF) or Militia into line with the names given to the units of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) in August 1918. Following from this, designations of the various territories applied to the Training Areas were altered. In the granting of Battle Honours in 1927, CMF units were granted honours that were awarded to the AIF unit after whom they were renamed in 1918.

These three reforms were significant in understanding the nomenclature of the time.

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Western Mail, Thursday 19 January 1933, page 2


The headquarters staff of a certain famous battalion was moving up to a pill-box on Westlock Ridge, just before the Polygon Wood stunt, three officers, some signallers, another runner, and myself. The major's nerves were starting to wear thin as. the following episode shows.

Fritz had been fairly quiet, but as we were teaching our destination he started to drop a few over. One shell lobbed about 100 yards away, and the major, who was in the lead, assumed the prone position- pronto! On seeing where it had lobbed he turned around accusingly, and exclaimed: "Damn that wire!''

Needless to say the wire was conspicuous by its absence!

C.E.W., Lake Grace.