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Desert Column Forum Pix
Desert Column Forum Pix

Uploaded pix which appear on the Desert Column Forum.

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Western Mail, Thursday 21 September 1933, page 2


Dear "Non.-Com." - I always read our page with great interest, and have decided to help the good work by contributing a few of my own experiences.

A certain artillery officer on Gallipoli was famous because of the fact that he was the only one in the N.Z. forces (I think Australian too), to wear an eyeglass. Three N.C.O.’s on headquarters used to meet him every morning at a certain time returning from a dip in the briny, and always passed the time of day.

One morning they thought that they were on sufficiently familiar terms to try a little joke. Just before reaching the usual meeting place, they, got out their identification discs and placed them carefully in position.

The major looked at them, tossed his eyeglass in the air, and dexterously catching it in the eye again, said:- "Do that, you blighters!”

1st Wellington. Witchcliffe.