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Desert Column Forum Pix
Desert Column Forum Pix

Uploaded pix which appear on the Desert Column Forum.

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Western Mail, Thursday 15 June 1933, page 2


Dear "Non-Com.," - I always follow with interest your page, and I seem to detect between the lines the kind feelings the diggers still have for the beautiful girls we had to leave behind in England. Sometimes, however, appearances were deceptive there, just as they often are in Australia to-day.

One girl in particular always stands out in my mind. On leave in 1916 alone, and yearning for feminine companionship, I was, puzzled as to how to get an introduction. Then I saw one coming towards me -a perfect vision of womanhood, eyes of cornflower blue, and all the etceteras which go to make a delightful pal for a lonely digger, I decided to discard etiquette, and as she came alongside I gently elbowed her:

Whereupon this perfect lady remarked: "Gor blime! Why the bloomin ‘ell doncher look where yer goin' to!"

I "clicked" elsewhere!

Old Thirty Second, Dumbleyung.