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Infra Dig!
Infra Dig! 

Western Mail, Thursday 9 March 1933, page 2

Infra Dig!

The position to Captain Harold Harper, second in command of the 3rd Machine Gun Squadron, was decidedly awkward, with 235 men and only 220 horses. An urgent appeal for remounts brought up IS white donkeys on which to mount tbe surplus. There was nothing for it but to mount the spare parts in the shape of batmen and grooms on the donks - and the batmen strongly objected! His own batman, Fred Hall, a perfect "Jeeves" among batmen, then said, "Leave it to me!"

Hall saddled up his donk first, packed on the gear until it looked like a Christmas tree, and rode bravely up and down the lines to tbe huge amusement of the troops. "Our dear Lord rode on an ass," said Fred, "and what was good enough for Him will always do me!"

The rest of his fraternity followed his lead. In fact there were not enough donks to go round!

"Emma Gee," Duranillan.

Those in the story:

Captain Harold Harper = 216 Private Harold White HARPER, a 21 year old Farmer from Colin Street, Perth, Western Australia, who enlisted in the AIF on 5 November 1914 and was allotted to the 10th Light Horse Regiment, B Squadron which embarked from Fremantle, Western Australia, on board HMAT A47 Mashobra on 17 February 1915. After the Great War he Returned to Australia, 24 July 1919.

Fred Hall = 797 Private Frederick HALL, a 34 year old Labourer from North Fremantle, Western Australia. He enlisted on 8 January 1915; and subsequently Returned to Australia, 2 December 1917.

Narrator Emma Gee = 531 Private Edward GEE, a 30 year old Teamster from Perth, Western Australia. He enlisted on 25 September 1914; and at the conclusion of the war Returned to Australia, 24 July 1919.