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Desert Column Forum Pix
Desert Column Forum Pix

Uploaded pix which appear on the Desert Column Forum.

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Western Mail, Thursday 13 April 1933, page 2


In our battery at Ribicault, in front of Cambrai, in 1917, we had a gunner named Dan Shearman, who had a penchant for reporting sick when things got a bit willing. The medical officer got so used to him that when he saw Dan coming he would tell his orderly to get the castor oil ready.

Dan got fed up with this treatment and the sick parade knew him no more. One day, while we were back at the billets, a member of a gun detachment took sick and they brought the doctor to see him.

He ordered him to the CCS. Looking around afterwards the quack spotted old Dan. "Hello, my good man," he said, "I have not seen you for a long while."

"No," said Dan, "and not likely to, either. I sent home for the pills that mother used to give me. They're better than your castor oil."

Dick Glover, North cliff.