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Desert Column Forum Pix

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Western Mail, Thursday 6 April 1933, page 2


On one occasion while serving with the 6th W.A. Mounted Infantry in the Boer war some of our horses knocked up. We were on the move, and men without mounts had to pad the hoof. Bob B_ was one of the unlucky ones, but he assured me that someone else would do his walking for him.

When we started grooming next morning Bob was batman to a brand new mount. With the job just completed some Hussar officers and their grooms came along, inspecting the horses closely. They looked critically at Bob's charger, and called in the farrier sergeant, but eventually walked off.

Still they were not satisfied, and came back again. The officer adjusted his monocle and had another look at Bob's horse. "It's just like him," he said, "but I'm not sure. You can't beat these damned Australians."

Bob rode all right. He deserved to, for he had spent the night clipping his newly acquired steed!

G.J.C. late 6th W.M.I. and 16th Battalion, Dumbleyung.

Those in the story:

Bob B_ = Unidentified.

Narrator GJC = George John COOK aka 355 Private George John COOK, 6th WAMI, and, 5347 Private George John COOK, 16th Battalion.