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Desert Column Forum Pix
Desert Column Forum Pix

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The "Order of the Bath." 

Western Mail, Thursday 17 August 1933, page 2

The "Order of the Bath."

Dear "Non-Corn.,"-On the red page of July 13, E28, Peak Hill, mentions those “self-conscious" individuals who disliked taking their bath in public. I was reminded of those delightful swims we had, "mit nodinks on," right in the town of Bellevue.

A large number would be marched from Blackboy camp to Bellevue for a swimming parade. There was a lovely deep pool right in the town, and close to the railway. When the townspeople heard us marching through they knew that soon there would be a public spectacle they did not see at the pictures. There was always a considerable audience, and passing trains would have heads of all ages peering from the windows, enjoying the unusual scene.

I felt like a schoolboy once again. It never worried me in the slightest; but 1 did hear men who almost blushed when they said: "Look at all those people staring at us!"

The town was well named "Bellevue!"

"245," Ravensthorpe.