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Desert Column Forum Pix

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Trials on a Troop Ship.
Trials on a Troop Ship. 

Western Mail, Thursday 27 December 1934, page 2

Trials on a Troop Ship.

Dear "Non-Com." - Scene - Troop ship; first day out; breakfast.

Scotty was one of the mess orderlies for table 17, "B" deck.

He arrived at the head of the companionway with a large dish of burgoo, and not yet having got his sea-leg's he lost his balance - also the burgoo.

The dish landed first (wrong side up) at the foot, of the stairs, and left its contents a steaming heap, through which Scotty (travelling by means of his sit downsky) left a decided track.

It was worth the shortage in rations to see Scotty pick himself up, and grab the seat of his pants with both hands in a vain attempt to keep the almost boiling porridge away from his skin.

He was clad in singlet and shorts only, and for some days afterwards sat down with the greatest care.

"Auda" (11th Coy, 3rd Batt. Camels), Wongan Hills.

Burgoo = oatmeal gruel or thick porridge chiefly used by seamen; also known as loblolly, which is a mudhole or a mire, and thus known for its similar consistency and taste.