5th & 6th Victorian Mounted Rifles
5th & 6th Victorian Mounted Rifles

The Contingent departed on 15th February 1901, consisting of 46 officers, 971 other ranks, with 1,099 horses. Six officers, 48 other ranks were killed or died; 14 officers, 69 others were struck off in South Africa; 60 officers, 854 others returned to Australia.

For information regarding this unit, see:

5th & 6th Victorian Mounted Rifles

All photographs were extracted from The Leader, 16 February 1901, Supplement pp. 2 - 10.

A note about the photographic reproduction. The pictures appear graining and dark while sometimes very vague. This is because of the input material being derived from microfilm. The actual pages are no better in production and so, unless the original photographs come to light, this is all we have from the images of the men who embarked. A partial image is always better than none at all.

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The Embarkation Gallery, <i>The Leader</i>, p. 25
The Embarkation Gallery, The Leader, p. 25