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Wednesday, 2 December 2009
The Australian Light Horse, The Australian Light Horsemen, Thomas Patrick Conway
Topic: AIF - Lighthorse

The Australian Light Horse

The Australian Light Horsemen

Thomas Patrick Conway


In the early part of 1912, Lieutenant T. P. Conway from the Army and Instructional Staff with the C.M.F. in New South Wales penned an article called The Australian Light Horsemen which was published in the Military Journal, June 1912. Thomas Patrick Conway joined the Army and Instructional Staff on 1 July 1910 and remained as a permanent officer until he retired.

Conway, TP, The Australian Light Horsemen, Military Journal, June 1912, pp. 519 – 522.


At present there are about 6,000 of these troops being trained throughout Australia, and those who have served would be nearly 14,000. Thus Australia has approximately 20,000 men who can claim to have a working knowledge of the duties of the A.L.H. This is undoubtedly a great asset, the actual value of which depends on the quantity and quality of the training assimilated. The amount of enthusiasm which has been displayed in this branch of the service is truly remarkable. It is a common occurrence for a man to ride 30 miles to drill, and often the private affairs of the O.C. a squadron occupy his attention at a distance of over 200 miles from where his squadron is raised and trained, and yet he does not neglect the squadron; numerous other instances can be quoted, all of which go to show to what extent such men are prepared to spend time and money in the development of our national forces.

General Sir Edward Hutton defined the Australian Light Horse as “Horsemen trained to fight on foot." To attain this characteristic its members are required to be horsemen and horsemasters, to be proficient in scouting and shooting, to be skilful in attack and defence, and to possess the soldierly spirit which is built up by systematic training and sound discipline. The men comprising this force are drawn chiefly from the country districts, and it contains representatives of almost every trade and calling. Fine types of men they are, and splendid soldiers they make. Their stamina is equal to the most trying task, and their resource is usually equal to the situation. Field-Marshal Lord

Kitchener, speaking to a representative gathering during his visit to Australia in 1909-10, said:

“You have got first-rate material on which to work; in no other country in the world, as far as I know, do the young men show such natural military qualifications on which to base their military career. A great deal of the training that would in the ordinary course have to be supplied to obtain an efficient soldier is already part of the daily life of many of your lads. There is no reason, as far as I can see, why the national forces of Australia should not make their standard of efficiency on a par with, if not higher than, those of the military powers in Europe or elsewhere."

It is therefore to be accepted that the Australian, individually, possesses the requisite qualifications for the making of a high class soldier, and it is purely a matter of training sufficiently, it, order to bring the A.L.H. up to the required standard of efficiency. The question then arises. Is the training calculated to produce the required results? i.e., will it make these troops equal to, if not superior, to any other mounted troops. The instruction of the A.L.H. extends aver a period of sixteen days annually. Home training occupies eight of the sixteen, and the balance is spent in the annual camp of training. The training in the annual camps is sound and systematic, and every effort is made to bring all concerned up to the proper plane. But can this also be said with regard to the home training, which, generally speaking, is performed by single troops, or by half squadrons? As a rule the musters are weak, and under such circumstances the instruction of the individual is not in the right sequence, and proper progressive training is extremely difficult. The squadron is the tactical unit of Light Horse, and it is very necessary that cohesion and comradeship between troops should be fully developed. With squadrons which only assemble as such, once yearly, these important factors are neglected, and hence the troops do not work together with confidence and smoothness.

It frequently happens that to attend a half-day parade, a man rides 10 miles, Thus in going to and from a parade of three hours, and in saddling and off saddling, the man spends about four hours; under such conditions it is very easy to understand why attendances at local parades are usually bad, and why the training is not progressive.

During 1908, Lieut.-Colonel Findlater, C.O. 16th A.L.H. initiated a scheme of local squadron camps, which quite made the attendance and training at home equal to that of the annual camps. With this scheme there is something doing every quarter, and there is a special inducement for the members to attend. The year's work is divided somewhat on the following lines:



Date. Duration. Training. Remarks
Sept. 26, 27, and 28 3 days As per syllabusTroops to assemble at X, as per instructions issued.
Feb. 4, 5, and 6 3 days As per syllabus As above
 8 daysAnnual Camp 
To be completed by 31 January 19132 daysMusketryTroop leaders to arrange.


Parades held as above tend to improve the attendance and increase the interest, and when this is the case, knowledge and efficiency are concomitants. The man who makes a long journey to attend drill is catered for, as he rides only the same distance to put in three days as he did previously to put in a half day. The parades are not clashing with local fixtures, as the dates are carefully selected and are in keeping with local requirements. Local camps provide the opportunities for all ranks becoming familiar with the details of horselines, stable duties, and camp routine. They promote comradeship, develop the soldierly spirit in the man, and improve the efficiency of the unit. Keep up interest is the great thing, and it is important to keel) the military movement prominently in the public eye. Camps assist in this. It is surprising how little things help. Take the distribution of pay. With the local camp system, men are paid at every camp, and reference to the attendance roll of any squadron will show that the attendance on pay day is always considerably above the average.

If the A.L.H. is to fulfil its proper role, there can be no slackening off, and one and all must devote their time and attention to the competition for national supremacy. The start due to natural surroundings must be maintained, and there should be no wasted opportunities. Here are some squadron defects which were recently noticed:

(a) Mark III, rifles which were issued three months ago were badly neglected, and the troop officer stated that he never made a practice of examining the rifles of his troop.

(b) When a squadron was ordered into action there was, considerable noise and confusion in the ranks, due to each man not knowing what he should do; and the sergeant of each troop acted as horseholder, while in some instances a private was leading one horse.

All officers should clearly and fully realize their responsibilities, and N.C.O.'s should know that they must be in action with their troops. The leaders, troop and squadron, are responsible for the training, and they should spare no effort to do justice to the natural abilities of their men.

From the 1st July, 1912, the A.L.H. will receive drafts from the compulsory trainees; and those who are not liable to train, but are willing, will also be allowed to do so, Those now serving may continue under existing conditions, and it is hoped and expected that they will at least complete the period for which they enlisted. In the very near future, the A.L.H. will be considerably expanded, and there will be ample opportunities for those now serving to become officers and N.C.O.'s. Expense is now not a deterrent to the men with brains, and without means, becoming officers. Uniform is supplied free, and year after year efforts are being made to keep the messing within the allowance. This is as it should be; the man lives well on his rations, and the officer should manage on the ration plus the allowance.

It is accepted by the highest authorities, that the Australian possesses the natural qualification for the making of a high-class soldier to a marked extent. This should be borne in mind, and the men should be given every opportunity and encouragement to increase their military knowledge. The material is ready to be moulded, the moulding has to be accomplished in a very limited time; it should therefore, be carried out energetically, carefully, and intelligently.



Further Reading:

The Light Horse

Australian Light Horse Militia

Militia 1899 - 1920

Battles where Australians fought, 1899-1920


Citation: The Australian Light Horse, The Australian Light Horsemen, Thomas Patrick Conway

Posted by Project Leader at 12:01 AM EAST
Updated: Monday, 14 December 2009 7:51 AM EAST
General Service Reinforcements, Roll: K - Q
Topic: AIF - DMC - GSR


General Service Reinforcements

Roll: K - Q


The following is a composite alphabetical roll of all those Light Horse General Service Reinforcements who are known to have embarked overseas during the Great War.

Each man is listed with:

Service Number

Rank at Embarkation

First Names

Family Name

If applicable, the false name used


Each entry is linked to a specific Embarkation Roll which contains the following details:

Rank on embarkation;

Full name of the soldier

Declared age of the soldier;

The last occupation held;

The last address as a civilian;

Enlistment Date; and,



Embarkation Roll: K - Q


64072 Private George Charles KAIN.

50444 Private John Hamilton KAYE.

57412 Acting Sergeant John Walter KEEBLE.

56989 Private John Edward KEITH.

50332 Private Edward William Joseph KELLAHAN.

55095 Private Robert Henry KELLS.

57031 Private Frank KELLY.

52901 Private Harvey William KELLY.

64919 Private John KELLY.

64714 Private Victor Silvester KELLY.

57437 Private Frank Redvers KEMPTON.

52866 Private Patrick KENNA.

64366 Private Thomas Harold KENNEDY.

56993 Private Amos Spencer KENNETT.

56992 Private David Michael KENT.

56990 Private Reginald Herbert Eustace KENT.

57329 Private Thomas KERR.

56915 Private Henry Richard KERRIGAN.

64477 Private James Edward KIDD.

64540 Private Alexander Sackville KIDMAN.

64713 Private Athol Carlyle KILBY.

64712 Private Keith Kinlock KILBY.

57106 Private Ernest Samuel KILLIN.

63997 Private Robert KIMLER.

63982 Private Timothy Patrick KING.

64564 Private Norman Charles KINNERSLY.

57271 Private Thomas Allan KIRKPATRICK.

50479 Private Albert Percy KIRKWOOD.

52833 Private Edward Alexander KLEEBERGER.

64478 Private Rupert Alfred Edward KNAPP.

64073 Private Cuthbert Vivian KNAUER.

57251 Private Edward Henry KNIGHT.

64555 Private Lester Joseph KOCH.

64071 Private Edward John KOHLER.

64250 Private Adrian Joseph KORFF.

57173 Private Herbert Frederick KRAFT.

64479 Private Albert Murray KYFFIN.


64824 Private William Joseph LAASS.

64368 Private Joesph Henry LAMB.

50275 Private George Shelton LAMBERT.

57161 Private Lionel Francis LANDON.

56917 Private Kenneth Allan LANG.

57072 Acting Sergeant John Douse LANGLEY.

50895 CQMS John George LANGMAID.

Second Lieutenant William Percival Allan LAPTHORNE.

57874 Private Basil Frank LARKIN.

57332 Private John Francis LAUCHLAN.

64480 Private Mervyn Barton LAVENDER.

63999 Private Douglas Edward LAW.

63998 Private Vincent Frederick LAW.

64481 Private Johnstone Stanley LAWN.

64890 Private Mortimer Cromwell LAWRIE.

53476 Private Howard Henry LEANEY.

52804 Acting Corporal Lawrence Wishart LEAR.

52649 Private John Eric LEATHER.

64482 Private Andrew Cyril LeBROCQ.

56996 Private Albert Edward LEE.

64076 Private Eric William LEESON.

64825 Private Alfred Lawrence LeGASSICK.

57438 Private Leslie LEIBHARDT.

64715 Private Robert LEIPER.

57000 Private Henry LEMON.

52928 Private Charles James LEONARD.

52719 Private Vernon L'ESTRANGE.

64077 Private Cecil Frederick LEWIS.

56997 Private Charles Thomas LEWIS.

50276 Private John Horner LEWIS.

57107 Private Murray Winter LEWIS.

52893 Private Reginald Channon LEWIS.

56918 Private Walter James LEWIS.

52927 Private Reginald Lenington LIDDELOW.

64074 Private Arthur Holden LINDEMAN.

56919 Private William Arthur LITTLE.

56995 Private Reginald Cyril LOADER.

64413 Private William Edward LOBIE.

50333 Private James LOCK.

50562 Private Athol LOCKLEY.

56916 Private George LOCKYER.

52926 Private Rosslyn Clyde LODGE.

57439 Private John Mouritz LOGIN.

64891 Private Edgar Lawrence LONGBOTTOM.

52720 Private Oswald John LONGHURST.

62285 Acting Corporal Edwin LONGMIRE.

57375 Private Eric Edward LOWE.

57331 Private Reginald Wilson LOWE.

64075 Private John Robert Matteson LOWRY.

50334 Private Harold LUCAS.

50336 Private Thomas Edwin LUCAS.

56994 Private Edgar John LUFF.

57440 Private Samuel LUKE.

64416 Private Donald LUTHER.

57367 Private Andrew Fraser LYALL.

64406 Private Thomas Andrew LYNAM.

50337 Private Michael Owen LYNCH.

64483 Private Owen Robert LYNES.

56998 Private Eric Gordon LYONS.


64892 Private Stanley MacDONALD.

57448 Private Frank MacGREGOR.

64079 Private Austin McDonnall MACK.

50372 Private Walter Scott MacLEAN.

57334 Private Gordon MacNAMARA.

64415 Private Clarence Cecil Aubrey MADDEN.

50450 Private George Baker MADDEN.

52730 Private William John MAGILL.

64001 Private Archibald Edward MAHER.

52765 Private Daniel MAHONEY.

64277 Private George Morrison MALEY.

53058 Private Frank MANNING.

50541 Private Thomas Edwin MANTON.

64371 Private William John Henry MARCH..

50542 Private George Joseph MARKEY.

64282 Private Arthur Edwin MARSH.

52836 Private Robert Ernest MARSHALL.

57333 Private Cecil Alexander MARTIN.

64004 Private John MARTIN.

64826 Private Lawrence James MARTIN.

64370 Private Leslie Albert MARTIN.

52729 Private Vincent George MARTIN.

64716 Private William Howard MARTIN.

64491 Private Peter Christie MARTION.

64552 Private Robert MATCHETT.

56745 Private Bert MATHEWS.

50346 Private Sverre MATHISEN.

64000 Private Edwin George MAWHINNEY.

52723 Private Lancelot Ernest Adrian MAWSON.

56930 Private Stanley Gordon MAXWELL.

52908 Private Maurice Kingsley MAY.

57003 Private George Albert McDonald MAYBURY.

64078 Private Frank MAYNARD.

50343 Private William Class McALPIN.

57167 Private Alan Leslie McCALLUM.

57512 Private Raymond Price McCALLUM.

57445 Private Albert Arthur McCANN.

52652 Private James George McCANN.

64490 Private Henry Alexander McCARTHY.

64489 Private Frank Christy McCLELLAND.

64410 Private Robert Tex McCLEOD.

50281 Private Arthur Murray McCLURE.

50345 Private Giles Dolphin McCOLL.

64719 Private Aubrey McCONAGHY.

64894 Private Melville Hume McCORD.

57446 Private George Leonard McCORKELL.

52834 Private Joseph Thomas McCORMICK.

52725 Private John Percival McCRABB.

57338 Private James Kennedy McCRABBE.

57722 Private Alfred McCULLOCH.

57109 Private Allan McLean McDONALD.

57001 Private Lachlan Charles McDONALD.

64488 Private Robert Thomas McDONALD.

50446 Private Thomas Richard McDONALD.

64369 Private William Gill McDOWALL.

64487 Private Roy McEWIN.

64486 Private Peter Bruce McFARLANE.

52731 Private Victor George McFARLANE.

52835 Private John Walter McFEAT.

50447 Private Sidney Robert McGAW.

64082 Private Francis Patrick McGRATH.

64409 Private William Mark McGRATH.

64921 Private Walter Robert McGUINESS.

64278 Private John Francis McGUIRE.

57891 Private Roy Louis McGUIRE.

50473 Private Andrew James McINNES.

64485 Private William John McINTOSH.

53285 Private Alan Richard McIVER.

57450 Private Daniel McKAY.

64414 Private George McKAY.

64080 Private George Francis McKAY.

64865 Private Bertram Jacob McKENNEY.

50416 Acting Sergeant Stewart Desmond McKENNY.

64484 Private Archibald Dougall McKENZIE.

64549 Private Neil Alexander McKENZIE.

52653 Private James Patrick McKEON.

50344 Private Malcolm Frederick McKERRELL.

64828 Private James Leslie McKINDLAY.

52860 Private James Rowland McKINDLAY.

52732 Private Claude Lachlan McKINNON.

50448 Private John James McKINNON.

50338 Private Ralph Douglas McKNIGHT.

64251 Private William Henry Rogers McKNIGHT.

52767 Private William Leslie McKNIGHT.

64002 Private Robert Johnston McLAUGHLIN.

57255 Private Patrick Joseph McMULLEN.

57110 Private Edward Scott McNALLY.

50339 Private Ernest Phillip McPHEE.

64829 Private Archibald James Milligan McPHERSON.

50517 Private Harry McPHERSON.

64830 Private Henry John McRAE.

64554 Private Raymond Lawrence McREA.

64831 Private William Alexander McROBERT.

57270 Private David Bruce McWILLIAM.

56920 Private Ernest MEAD.

64832 Private James Bernard MEARA.

57441 Private Edward MEEHAN.

57295 Acting Corporal Joseph Walter MELL.

52721 Private John MENZ.

57335 Private John Thomas George MERCER.

50478 Private Edward MERREY.

57175 Private Horatio Gordon MIELL.

64575 Private Edmund James MILLAR.

64717 Private Alfred Reginald MILLER.

57004 Private Horace Herman MILLER.

50518 Private John MILLER.

50558 Private Thomas MILLER.

50341 Private Cecil William James MILLS.

57511 Private Samuel Henry MILLS.

64493 Private Eric Benjamin MILNE.

57443 Private Francis John MILNE.

52726 Private Herbert Norman MITCHELL.

64081 Private Karl Arthur MITCHELL.

57444 Private Archibald Lewis MOLLOY.

64537 Private William Francis MONCRIEFF.

64494 Private Thomas Hawthorn MONGER.

57336 Private Artnur Claude MOORE.

52724 Private Clarence Edward Giles MOORE.

64941 Private James Egbert MORRELL.

64942 Private Ernest Albert MORRIS.

64834 Private Herbert Dalton MORRIS.

50347 Private Phillip Charles MORRIS.

50258 Private William Price MORRIS.

64559 Private Rupert Henry MORRISH.

52838 Private Hector MORRISON.

50373 Private Herbert Reginald MORRISON.

52839 Private John Hector MORRISON.

64835 Private LinslayTimothy MORRISSEY.

52766 Private William Herbert MORRISSEY.

52722 Private Arthur Charles MOTBEY.

52727 Private George Edward MOUNTAIN.

64083 Private Hugh John MOYLAN.

57002 Private Stanley robert MUDDELL.

64279 Private Juan MUGARRA.

50340 Private Arthur Edward MULLER.

52681 Acting Corporal Eric Napier MUNN.

64012 Private Ewan Livingstone MUNRO.

52650 Acting Corporal John MUNT.

57111 Private Arthur Patrick MURPHY.

57297 Private Thomas MURPHY.

64943 Private Maurice Mafeking MURRELL.

50452 Private David MYERS.


50260 Acting Corporal Charles Joseph NANTES.

50453 Private Arthur Edward NEAL.

64495 Private William David NEELY.

Lieutenant William Maurice NELSON.

50298 Private Robert Langley NEWELL.

64496 Private Harry Raymond NEWING.

57339 Private Frederick Hoseltine NEWMAN.

64085 Private Leslie Robert NEWMAN.

64084 Private Frank Kearney NEWNHAM.

R3866 Sergeant Gregory NICHOLAS.

64837 Private James Stanley NICHOLLS.

64497 Private Lester Cecil NICHOLLS.

64498 Private Albert Neil NICHOLSON.

64212 Private Archibald Joseph NICHOLSON.

52858 Private Eugene Alexander NICKER.

64417 Private James William NIELSEN.

64721 Private Tage Sabastian NILSSON.

64372 Private Archie NOBLE.

57256 Private George James NOLAN.

50377 Private Dennis James NOONAN.

64373 Private Jack Henry NORMAN.

64720 Private William John King NORMAN.

57451 Private Eric North NORTH.

52654 Private Alfred Henry NOWLAN.


50348 Private Robert John OATES-LENNOX.

57371 Private Alfred O'BRIEN.

64838 Private Horatio Gerald O'BRIEN.

52733 Private Timothy Edward O'CONNELL.

57257 Private Selwyn Robert Alexander OGG.

57216 Corporal Max O'KEEFE.

52655 Private Ivan Lender Eric OLSEN.

52841 Private Arnold Charles O'NEILL.

64086 Private Sherman David O'ROURKE.

57298 Private William Piercey ORR.

64722 Private Bryce Knight Leigh OSBORNE.

57452 Private Charles Elisah OSBORNE.

64499 Private Harold John OSBORNE.

52734 Private Hugh Leslie OSBORNE.

64005 Private Arthur Edmund OSLER.

56921 Private Kevin Sarsfield O'SULLIVAN.

57513 Private Gordon Lindsay OWEN.

50484 Private Leonard David OWEN.


57518 Private Frederick PAGE.

50351 Private Alexander PAKES.

50455 Private Frederick Godfrey PALFREYMAN.

57008 Private Maxwell PALMER.

57539 Private Jesse Lilburne PARKE.

64922 Private William George PARKER.

64007 Private Robert Scott PARKES.

57112 Private Lloyd Arnold PARKS.

52929 Private Frederick Douglas PARNELL.

57342 Private Edmund PARSONAGE.

50456 Private Albert Edward PARSONS.

64923 Private Hamilton PARSONS.

57907 Private William PASCOE.

64088 Private Stanley Clarence PATEMAN.

52769 Private William PATFIELD.

52735 Private Albert Edward PATISON.

57007 Private Allen Ainsle PATON.

64839 Acting Sergeant Hugh Ralston PATON.

64895 Private James Andrew PATTERSON.

50353 Private Samuel David PATTERSON.

64500 Private William Henry PATTINSON.

57341 Private Kenneth William PAUL.

64751 Private Oliver Hampden PAYNE.

64374 Private William Charles PEACOCK.

64840 Private William Knox PEACOCK.

56119 Private Leslie Harold PEARCE.

50563 Private Lambeth Vivian PEARSALL.

52737 Private James Arthur PEBERDY.

57453 Private John PEKIN.

64506 Private Albert William Henry John PENBERTHY.

52739 Private Mungo Robert PENMAN.

57134 Private George William PENNELL.

50261 Private Vincent Charles PEOPLES.

64505 Private Charles Albert Hector PERDRIAU.

64006 Private Leslie George PERKINS.

50543 Private Alfred PERRY.

64841 Acting Corporal Thomas Vivian PETERS.

64501 Private William Eric PETERS.

64407 Private Peter William Christian PETERSEN.

64548 Private Thomas John PETTIT.

64502 Private Henry Nicholas PHILLIPS.

50352 Private William Henry PHILLIPS.

57340 Private Alan Leader PHILPOTT.

50350 Private Frederick George PHILPS.

52656 Private Henry Edwin PIDCOCK.

55875 Private Clarence James PITT.

64725 Sapper Colin MacKenzie PITT.

64723 Private Percy Stuart PLOWES.

52738 Private Willian Henry PLUMB.

52736 Private Oswald Norman PLUMMER.

64503 Private Stanley Irvine POCKNEE.

57343 Private Leonard Kingdon POOLEY.

57258 Private John Sydney POPE.

57454 Private Reuben John POPE.

64724 Private William Sylvester PORTER.

64504 Private Edward POTTS.

53083 Driver Henry Albert PRESTIDGE.

50297 Acting Sergeant Basil PRESTON.

57455 Private Andrew Walter John Thomas PRICE.

50349 Private Harold PRICE.

64375 Acting Corporal William Beryman PRINGLE.

52902 Private Alfred Garfield PRITCHARD.

64087 Private Arthur Edward Claude PROCTOR.

50299 Private Cecil Thomas PROCTOR.

52842 Private Alfred Webb PRYOR.

64842 Private George Albert PURCELL.

57113 Private Thomas Francis PURCELL.


57114 Private Alexander J QUAIL.

50262 Private Joseph Vincent QUINLAN.

64543 Private Frederick George QUINN.

64089 Private Joseph Wentworth QUIRK.


Further Rolls:

Roll: A - C

Roll: D - J

Roll: K - Q

Roll: R - Z


Sources Used:

National Archives Service File.

Nominal Roll, AWM133, Nominal Roll of Australian Imperial Force who left Australia for service abroad, 1914-1918 War.

Collected Records of Steve Becker.


Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Steve Becker who provided much of the raw material that appears in this item.


Further Reading:

General Service Reinforcements, AIF

General Service Reinforcements, Roll of Honour

Battles where Australians fought, 1899-1920


Citation: General Service Reinforcements, Roll: K - Q

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Aboriginals in the AIF, A Scheme for Training the Aboriginal Natives in the Northern Portions of the Commonwealth by Major WO Mansbridge
Topic: AIF - Aboriginal LH

Aboriginals in the AIF

 A Scheme for Training the Aboriginal Natives in the Northern Portions of the Commonwealth

 Major WO Mansbridge


In 1911, Major WO Mansbridge of the 84th Infantry (Gold-Fields Regiment) wrote the following brief essay called A Scheme for Training the Aboriginal Natives in the Northern Portions of the Commonwealth Military Journal with the aim of promoting the recruitment of the indigenous population in the defence forces. The article reflects the feelings of the time amongst those of European origin and should be seen in that context. The essay was published in the January 1912 edition of the .

Mansbridge, WO, A Scheme for Training the Aboriginal Natives in the Northern Portions of the Commonwealth, Military Journal, January 1912, pp. 99 - 100.


Having lived for some years in the northern portions of the Commonwealth, it has suggested itself to me that some use could be made of the aboriginal native for our purposes. With that end in view, I beg to submit suggestions whereby his services could be utilized, and I am of the opinion that he would become a very useful ally in case of an invasion in those parts.

Approximately there are 50,000 aboriginal natives in the northern portion of the Commonwealth, and one so often hears the question - What can we do for them or with them?

I have a remedy which would not only be beneficial to the individual native, but make him also of some use to the country, as at present he has not any object in life save that of wandering aimlessly around his own particular territory, and this is undoubtedly a wilful waste of human energy. Therefore, why not turn it into our own channels and make them useful, firstly, by providing the male member with instructions in the use of arms; secondly, by engaging the women folk in one or more of the dormant industries indigenous to the soil?

I am well aware that many will argue that the aboriginal native has not yet reached that standard of civilization to understand, much less to assimilate, any instruction or teaching in that direction; yet, after some years' residence in the sub-tropical parts of Australia, the writer is of opinion that both the male and female aboriginal are amenable to order and discipline. His whole life in his savage state is one of warfare with his neighbour, and from birth the embryo warrior is taught the use of his particular arms-the spear and boomerang: and at all times is instilled into him by the elders of the tribe the necessity of being a “man." He is a hunter not only of game, but of men. Their blood feuds with adjacent tribes have been handed down from time immemorial. He has a keen eye, and is inured to hardships, which means much to make an efficient soldier. The stringent discipline of the elders over the young buck is very marked, and it would be necessary to direct this training into our own channels to make him serviceable. With regular rations he quickly becomes contented, and would be of incalculable value in case of an invasion in those parts and any one acquainted with him would be aware of his animosity to anything pertaining to the Orient.

To find the worth of raw and savage levies we have only to look back to very recent times.

In the initial stages of the scheme I would not suggest the concentration of the whole in one locality, for the reason that each tribe has its own admitted territory and hunting grounds. Reserves in the vicinity of these could be proclaimed; camps established where men would undergo training, and until such time as they became sufficiently educated to remain within their own sphere (after the trainees had realised the advantages of their training) there would be no difficulty in concentrating any numbers, be they from North Queensland, Northern Territory, or Kimberley (Western Australia).

The matter of "putting the question" to the native would have to be in the hands of experienced bushmen, assisted by civilized natives. However, I do not anticipate any difficulty in gathering them in.

The matter of clothing would be a minor detail. Kilt, shirt, and cap would be all that was required.

As to the women folk, those who have been amongst the aboriginal nitres will fully recognize the attachment of the man for his woman, and as the young buck is allotted companion when about twenty-one years of age, I do not suggest that they be put apart-in fact, any effort in that direction in the initial stages would weaken the scheme; therefore, not to unduly burden the scheme with extra provision for the female, I propose that she be employed in opening up the several dormant industries indigenous to the soil, such as cultivation of "kapok" and the culture of the "spider silk." The work of both being of a light nature is well adapted to native female labour, with the prospects of developing an export trade in both commodities. Then again the climate and soil are favourable for the introduction and cultivation of cotton, coffee, rice, &c., all of which would provide employment for the women.

In offering these suggestions I have of necessity introduced the commercial aspect for the reason that in any scheme for training the aboriginal native to be successful it would be unwise to have the sexes separated. My suggestion is, therefore, to have both in the one compound, the man being taught the use of the arm, and the woman taking an interest in the industries named.

I am aware that there are many seeming difficulties in the way, yet with time these would be overcome, with the results-protection and development of the country's resources by its' aboriginal folk, a thriving export trade, and a contented and happy community.


Further Reading:

Aboriginals in the AIF

The Light Horse

Australian Light Horse Militia

Militia 1899 - 1920

Battles where Australians fought, 1899-1920


Citation: Aboriginals in the AIF, A Scheme for Training the Aboriginal Natives in the Northern Portions of the Commonwealth by Major WO Mansbridge

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General Service Reinforcements, Roll: R - Z
Topic: AIF - DMC - GSR


General Service Reinforcements

Roll: R - Z


The following is a composite alphabetical roll of all those Light Horse General Service Reinforcements who are known to have embarked overseas during the Great War.

Each man is listed with:

Service Number

Rank at Embarkation

First Names

Family Name

If applicable, the false name used


Each entry is linked to a specific Embarkation Roll which contains the following details:

Rank on embarkation;

Full name of the soldier

Declared age of the soldier;

The last occupation held;

The last address as a civilian;

Enlistment Date; and,



Embarkation Roll: R - Z


52740 Private Cecil Albert RABY.

51849 Private Alan Harvey RACKHAM.

57260 Private John Henry RACKLEY.

57558 Private Wilfred John RADFORD.

52843 Private Norman Robert RALSTON.

57291 Acting Corporal Eric James RANDALL.

57014 Private Harold Julian Wilberforce RAPHAEL.

57551 Private George Morris RAPP.

50356 Private Lewis RAYMOND.

64843 Private Alexander REDDEN.

52844 Private David REDFEARN.

52891 Acting Sergeant George William Melrose REECE.

56923 Private Bertie REED.

64727 Private Cyril Laver REGG.

50264 Private Reginald David REID.

64507 Private Sidney Bloomfield Wilson REID.

50457 Private Louis Clifton REIFFEL.

64844 Private John Creek Federation REILLY.

56922 Private Wylie Norman RENAUD.

57013 Private George Edward Henry RENWICK.

64091 Private George Albert Victor REYNOLDS.

57115 Private James Edmund REYNOLDS.

R812 Private Neil Standish REYNOLDS.

64939 Private Allan Cameron RICHARDSON.

57344 Private John Leigh RIDGWAY.

64897 Private Victor Milton RIDGWAY.

64376 Sergeant William James RIDOUT.

57015 Private William RILEY.

64509 Private Henry RISELEY.

50458 Private William Clyde ROACHE.

64508 5 IR Percy ROBART aka Percy ROBERTS.

50522 Private Harold William ROBBINS.

64728 Private Jack ROBERSON.

64377 Private Bob ROBERTS.

50278 Private Harry ROBERTS.

50506 Acting Corporal Louis Clifton ROBERTS.

56924 Private Pompey ROBERTS.

57192 Private Noel Raphael ROBERTSON.

64730 Private Noel Tertius ROBERTSON.

57456 Private Robert Valentine ROBERTSON.

57346 Private Archibald Clarke ROBINSON.

64925 Private Edward Walter ROBINSON.

64015 Private Thomas Henry RODWELL.

64378 Private Hector Edwin ROFF.

56925 Private Charles Albert ROGERS.

64090 Private Benjamin Albert ROLLES.

64726 Private Arthur Percival Markham ROOKE.

52742 Private Ralph Allan ROPER.

57196 Private William Francis ROPER.

64283 Private Alan Clifton ROSE.

57761 Private Frank ROSE.

52741 Private Raymond Charles ROSE.

64510 Private Thomas William ROSE.

64845 Private Andrew Roy ROSS.

64846 Private Malcolm ROSS.

64379 Private Spencer Liddle ROSS.

52946 Private Robert Henry ROSSENDELL.

64869 Private Hurtle Peters ROWE.

50355 Private Stanley Charles ROWE.

57345 Private Ewan Sutcliffe ROWNTREE.

50357 Private Frank ROYSTON.

52845 Private Arthur James RUSSELL.

64927 Private William Ian RUSSELL.

57038 Private Alexander RUTHVEN.

64729 Private Charles Ernest RUTTER.

57197 Private George Stephen RUTTER.

52846 Private Dermot De Moulin RYAN.

64848 Private Joseph Edmund RYAN.

57347 Private Malcolm Martin RYAN.

57262 Private Patrick RYAN.

50474 Private Philip Peter RYAN.


50359 Private Henry SAMPSON.

57016 Private Charles Leslie SAMUEL.

56273 Acting Corporal William Ernest SANDERS.

64735 Private Jack SANDERSON.

64738 Private Herbert Arthur SANSOM.

52749 Private Herbert Frank SATCHELL.

64380 Private Arthur Victor SAUNDERS.

50459 Private Leslie Hardwick SAVAGE.

57457 Private Carl Oswald SCHULTZE.

64094 Private Charles Edwin SCHULZ.

56932 Private Joseph Henry SCHUMACHER.

50481 Private Cyril James SCOTT.

56407 Private Felix Frank SCOTT.

57033 Private George Thomas William SCOTT.

64252 Private James Barr SCOTT.

57116 Private Robert Victor SCOTT.

52903 Private Theodore Edwin SCOTT.

50460 Sapper William Reynolds SCOTT.

57349 Private Raymond Theo SEABROOK.

64511 Private Alfred SEXTON.

64512 Private Gerald Brian SHANLY.

64731 Acting Corporal Abraham Kenneth SHANNON.

52744 Private Arthur Joseph SHARP.

64381 Private David Benjamin SHIP.

52932 Private Leslie William SHOLL.

64940 Private Claude Edward SHONE.

64734 Private Harry SIMES.

64513 Private Francis Augustus Ernest SIMMONS.

64514 Acting Corporal Arthur James SIMPSON.

64732 Private Frederick SIMPSON.

64733 Private George Gordon SIMPSON.

57458 Private James William SIMPSON.

50461 Private Kenneth SIMPSON.

64515 Private Archibald SINCLAIR.

52748 Private George SINCLAIR.

64561 Private Francis John SINGLETON.

57263 Private Arthur Ernest SKELLERN.

R797 Private James Patterson SKENE.

64737 Private Bertie Gordon SLADE.

50519 Private William Stafford SLATER.

64574 Private Wilfred Raymond SLEE.

64281 Private Arthur Lacey SMEED.

57296 Private Arthur James SMITH.

53264 Private Augustus Lionel SMITH.

64382 Private Charles SMITH.

57139 Private Charles Thomas SMITH.

64095 Private Chisholm Ross SMITH.

57541 Private Clement Campbell SMITH.

54510 Private Edward Joseph SMITH.

50268 Private Ernest Gilbert SMITH.

57350 Private Frederick Marbrook SMITH.

56926 Private George Edward SMITH.

57514 Private George Frederick SMITH.

64391 Private Herbert John SMITH.

64544 Private Howard Henry SMITH.

64516 Private John Patrick SMITH.

64009 Private John Patrick SMITH.

64926 Private Mervyn Dundonald SMITH.

64930 Private Stanley Edward SMITH.

56951 Private Terence SMITH.

64542 Private William Robert SMITH.

52904 Private Robert Cecil Mclennan SMYTH.

57542 Private David George SMYTHE.

64553 Private Albert John SNOW.

57252 Private Thomas William SOMERVILLE.

64563 Private Clifford Henry SOUTHCOMBE.

57264 Private William John SPALL.

64253 Private Walter Oliver SPENCER.

57265 Private John Henry SPRINGER.

57354 Private Hubert SPURWAY.

50523 Private Herbert William STACY.

64759 Private John Harold STAFFORD.

52763 Private Lot STAFFORD.

52743 Private William Henry George STAFFORD.

64383 Private William STAGG.

64384 Private Oscar Rywong STAINES.

52746 Private Edward Dalby STANIFORD.

50280 Private Alexander STANLEY.

57038 Private Harold STANTON.

64008 Private Eriv Gunner STEN.

50266 Private Augustus William STEPHAN.

50267 Private Herman William Frederick STEPHAN.

57459 Private William John STEPHENS.

64849 Private Mac STEWARD.

57133 Private Alexander STEWART.

56931 Private John Ernest STILL.

64899 Private Stanley George STIRLING.

57117 Private George James STODDART.

64385 Private Roy Henry STOKER.

52847 Private George Frederick STOKES.

64389 Sapper Thomas STONELEY.

64386 Private Douglas Graham Norman STOODLEY.

64517 Private Robert Joseph Leo STOREY.

52745 Private Walter Frank STOWE.

50462 Private James STUART.

64092 Private James Irwin STUART.

56928 Private Eugene STUBBERSFIELD.

64570 Private William Henry STUBBINGS.

57018 Private Roy Edward STURGISS.

64518 Private John Charles SULLIVAN.

52848 Private Robert SUMMERFIELD.

57266 Private Alexander Frederick SUTHERLAND.

64390 Private Alexander Joseph SUTTON.

64519 Private Arthur Harold SUTTON.

57017 Private Jack Memall SUTTON.

57460 Private John SUTTON.

64096 Private Oscar George SUTTON.

57165 Private William George SUTTON.

52747 Private Norman Daniel Reginald SWAIN.

57351 Private Alan Cleghorn SWALES.

64520 Private George William SWALLOW.

64521 Private Ernest Albert SWAYN.

64387 Private Edward SWAYSLAND.

57353 Private James Joseph SWEENEY.

57164 Private James Morris SYMONS.

57461 Private Eric Frank TABOR.


57198 Private John TACHON.

57926 Private Harold Benjamin TALBOT.

57019 Private John Francis Donohoe TAMPLIN.

64098 Private Ernest Dean TAYLOR.

57176 Private Frederick John TAYLOR.

64097 Private Herbert Amone Robert TAYLOR.

64392 Acting Corporal Richard TAYLOR.

50463 Private Walter Edward TAYLOR.

57267 Private Gideon Barry TELFORD.

64011 Private Alexander Mcdonald TERRY.

64573 Private William Francis TEYCHENNE.

50361 Private Roy Herbert Spencer THEW.

64742 Private James THICK.

50365 Private Arthur Ernest THOMAS.

57217 Private Harold Arthur Rhys THOMAS.

64393 Private Herbert THOMAS.

57462 Private Matthew Septimus THOMAS.

64522 Private Charles Samuel THOMPSON.

57463 Private Harold James THOMPSON.

64523 Private Harold Vincent THOMPSON.

57199 Private Roderick THOMPSON.

64394 Private Charles Stuart THOMSON.

64541 Private George Crawford THOMSON.

64900 Private Percival Stapleton THOMSON.

52905 Private Ronald Campbell THOMSON.

64524 Private Wilfred John THORNLEY.

50546 Private Sydney Leopold THORNTON.

50364 Private Martin James TICEHURST.

50362 Acting Sergeant Arthur TIERNEY.

57648 Private William James TIGHE.

64739 Private John Davison Clyde TILLMAN.

52850 Private Frederick TINNING.

52750 Private Albert Harold TOBY.

64242 Private William James TOSELAND.

57355 Private Edgar Thomas TOWNSEND.

57119 Private Percy George TREW.

64855 Private Stanley George TRITSCHLER.

50464 Private Charles Walter TROMP.

52862 Private George Addison TROTT.

52751 Private Cecil TUCKER.

52851 Private Dixon TURNBULL.

57515 Private Charles Selbourne TURNER.

57121 Private Ronald Ward TURNER.

64741 Private Samuel John TURNER.

64099 Private Thomas Alfred TURNER.


57516 Private Walter Clifton UNDERWOOD.

64525 Private Norman William UNTHANK.

57122 Private Frederick George UNWIN.

64526 Private George Edward UNWIN.

64396 Private Charles Walter UPTON.

64397 Private Harry Norman UPTON.

52852 Private James Clarence UREN.


52921 Private Marines Cornelus VAN DER KAADEN.

50465 Private George Knox VEITCH.

57180 Private Norman Edgar VENNING.

52853 Private Alfred Henry VEVERS.

57123 Private David Corbett VINERCOMBE.

64295 Private Stanley VINEY.

52658 Private Benjamin Von SENDEN.


57465 Private William WADSWORTH.

50467 Private Henry WAITE.

57357 Private Alfred Stanley Billingsley WALKER.

64398 Private James Farquarson WALKER.

Second Lieutenant John Reginald Halloran WALKER.

64401 Private Robert Lancelot WALKER.

64106 Private William George WALL.

50468 Private William WALLER.

50274 Private Callaghan Baird WALSH.

64013 Private Arthur WALSH.

64527 Private Charles Edward WALTERS.

64850 Private David Gordon WALTON.

50370 Private William Leslie WARBURTON.

57024 Private Ernest John WARD.

52661 Private George WARD.

57201 Private William WAREING.

64103 Private Allen Hamilton WARNER.

52854 Private William Charles WARR.

57467 Private Arthur Thomson WARTMAN.

57466 Private Alfred WASER.

50366 Private John Thomas WATKIN.

50369 Private Horace George WATKINSON.

64547 Private George Charles WATSON.

56954 Acting Corporal George John Mollsworth WATSON.

57468 Private John Alfred WATSON.

64851 Private Kenneth Maconochie WATSON.

57268 Private Percival Frederick WATSON.

57469 Private Leonard WATT.

52771 Sapper Bernard Hamilton WATTS.

50472 Private Frank Cecil WATTS.

50371 Sapper Harold WATTS.

57025 Private Francis Beauchamp WAYGOOD.

57124 Private George WAYMAN.

64743 Private Dudley John Duckenfield WEAVER.

64528 Private Richard Jules WEBB.

57034 Private Thomas WEEKES.

57356 Private Albert Horace WEEKS.

64852 Private Hezekiah Joseph Cameron WEEKS.

64101 Acting Corporal Richard Harrington Seymour WELLS.

57181 Private Harry WENHAM.

64744 Private Albert WEST.

57035 Private Asher Ebenezer WESTCOTT.

50469 Private William Henry WESTON.

57162 Private Samuel John WHALLAND.

50367 Private Claude Leopold Randolph WHEELER.

57040 Private George Lance WHEELER.

64529 Driver Frederick Stephen WHELAN.

64254 Private Ernest James WHELLER.

52660 Private Lionel Simons WHEREAT.

64399 Private Hector Redvers WHITAKER.

57020 Private Peter Thomas George WHITELEY.

57543 Private Frederick Gerard WICKENDEN.

64104 Private George WILKIE.

64530 Acting Sergeant Andrew Thomas WILKINSON.

64100 Acting Sergeant Clement Quinton WILLIAMS.

50378 Private Geoffrey Innes WILLIAMS.

57358 Private Gerald Davey WILLIAMS.

52855 Private Harry Edward WILLIAMS.

64403 Private John Francis WILLIAMS.

64747 Private Joseph George WILLIAMS.

64532 Private Arthur Leslie WILLIAMSON.

64108 Private Stanley Garnet WILLIAMSON.

64533 Private William Leslie WILLIAMSON.

57955 Private Frederick Samuel WILLIMOTT.

52948 Private Max WILLING.

64255 Private Carl John WILLINGTON.

64402 Private William George WILSHER.

64297 Private Albert Arthur WILSON.

57126 Private Arthur Ernest WILSON.

64746 Private Charles WILSON.

64534 Private George Harold WILSON.

64557 Private Hugh WILSON.

57934 Private John WILSON.

52856 Private Kevin WILSON.

57218 Private Lisle Christian Palliser WILSON.

57470 Private William Egar Gordon WILSON.

62373 Private Edward William Richard WILSON.

50269 Private George Meredith WILSON-GREEN.

52906 Private Philip WINDLE.

64854 Private John Henry WIRGES.

64258 Private Albert Clement WITHERS.

55704 Private Arthur Stanley WOMERSLEY.

57202 Private George Henry WOOD.

57471 Private Albert Watson WOODBURN.

64400 Private William WOODCROFT.

64102 Private Claude Clifton WOODLAND.

50374 Private Malachie WOODLOCK.

64298 Private Charlie WOODS.

64901 Private Gus Raymond WOODS.

64535 Private Lawrence Albert WOODS.

53110 Private William James WOODWARD.

57474 Private George Griffiths WOOLCOTT.

57022 Private William WOOLRIDGE.

56970 Private Henry Richard WORTHINGTON aka Henry Richard DERRETT.

57023 Private Hilton WRAY.

50471 Private George Henry WRIGHT.

64536 Private Reginald George WRIGHT.

56953 Acting Corporal William James Lockrey WRIGHT.

57036 Private David James WYKES.

57269 Private Allan Carswell WYLES.

50520 Private John WYMAN.

50368 Corporal John Harrington WYNN.


64902 Private Ronald Albert YARD.

64116 Private James YOUNG.


64749 Private Stanislas ZLOTKOWSKI.

57037 Private Frederick Beno ZOBEL.


Further Rolls:

Roll: A - C

Roll: D - J

Roll: K - Q

Roll: R - Z


Sources Used:

National Archives Service File.

Nominal Roll, AWM133, Nominal Roll of Australian Imperial Force who left Australia for service abroad, 1914-1918 War.

Collected Records of Steve Becker.


Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Steve Becker who provided much of the raw material that appears in this item.


Further Reading:

General Service Reinforcements, AIF

General Service Reinforcements, Roll of Honour

Battles where Australians fought, 1899-1920


Citation: General Service Reinforcements, Roll: R - Z

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The Battle of Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, 25 April 1915, New Zealand Infantry Brigade War Diary
Topic: BatzG - Anzac

The Battle of Anzac Cove

Gallipoli, 25 April 1915

New Zealand Infantry Brigade War Diary 


War Diary account of the New Zealand Infantry Brigade.


The following is a transcription of the War Diary of the 4New Zealand Infantry Brigade, of their role in the landings at Anzac on 25 April 1915.


25 April 1915

The Goslar sails for Kaba Tepe at 9 am which then was preceded by the majority of the Transport conveying Infantry Brigade at 1 pm. The ship passed the south of the Dardanelles where the landing of the 29th Division of Cape Helles covered by the guns of the Allied Fleet was witnessed. The Goslar arrived off Kaba Tepe at 3 pm had succeeded in getting ashore at daybreak and was then holding the high ground had made east of beach and north of Kaba Tepe where they are suffering severely from Turkish shell fire. Infantry Brigade had landed out of the Transports piece meal and had then directed by companies and half companies into places where they were most required. At the moment Brigade Headquarters landed on the beach about 5 pm which we were informed that Brigadier General HB Walker, Brigadier General, General Staff of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps had taken over temporary command of the Brigade vice Colonel Fullarton on the ????, Headquarters joined the Brigadier General on the Plateau 224 H4. The situation was then as follows - Brigade Headquarters and Otago Battalion on the Plateau, Canterbury and Auckland Battalions very much intermingled with Australian units were in the front line of ?????? covering the landing. The Wellington Battalion was still on board. The troops landed were without support from any field guns. Artillery support from the Navy was first quite inadequate owing largely to the novelty of the conditions and the difficulties of observation and communication. Consequently infantry suffered severely from enemy shell fire. Between 5.45 pm and 6 pm the Otago Battalion had suffered 30 casualties on the Plateau from shell fire. Headquarters were without any information as to the disposition of the units in the front line but during the evening received several messages the general thrust of which was that the casualties were very severe everywhere that the lines had considerable gaps - then that the men had stood much punishment and were seriously disorganised. It was represented to Divisional Headquarters that the landing of field guns during the night was an absolute necessity if the position was to be maintained. During the night there was a great deal of firing and the Turks attacked in several places but the line was nowhere broken.

26 April 1915

The enemy's guns again opened with remarkable accuracy along the plateau and landing place. A Mountain Battery had been brought up to the plateau the evening before soon picked up the hostile batteries. The burst of that shrapnel gave the line to the Queen Elizabeth which succeeded in silencing the batteries for several hours.

During the night of the 25th and 26th the Wellington Battalion less half a company which was sent to extreme right of position - landed and came under the orders of Divisional Headquarters as General Reserve. Thus the whole Brigade, "A" Echelon consisting of personnel, tools, water receptacles and ammunition (200 rounds per man) were ashore. It was decided as far as possible to relieve the Auckland Battalion from the front line and concentrate it on the Plateau. Its place to be taken in the front line by ½ Otago Battalion who were to be under the orders of Colonel Maclagan.

Two companies Canterbury Battalion under Major Loach who had succeeded Lieutenant Colonel Stewart (killed in action) had gone the previous evening to reinforce 33 men of various units under Captain Salmonson who reported he was hard pressed on extreme left of line was ascertained to be holding a spur on 237 X7. The Auckland Battalion less a large number of men mixed up in other units was concentrated by the evening. The Otago Battalion less 2 Companies did not succeed in reaching the front line and entrenched in a nullah for the night. During the day it was decided to reorganise into sections. The night passed quietly on the Plateau but there was a determined attack on the Australians on the night which was repelled.


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Citation: The Battle of Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, 25 April 1915, New Zealand Infantry Brigade War Diary

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