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Re: German Boobytraps

From: tglenn <xenophon@europa.com>
Date: 8/24/99
Time: 6:32:32 PM
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Can anyone tell me where the phrase "booby trap" originated? I know that it was in common use by by the Vietnam war. My guess was that it first came into use during WWII during the Pacific Island campaign. But that's just a guess based on the "booby" part of the word.

Thanks, Cheryl

"I remember it well. Winter 1963 beating on the frozen ground at Fort Dix, New Jersey with my entrenching tool making a pit to bury a dummy "Mine, antitank, HE, heavy, M6A2". Then boobytraping it with a pressure release, type M5 firing device; attached to a dummy "Actuator, M1" (detonation booster) to either the bottom or side of the mine. The M1 actuator contained a cap and black powder charge replacing the normal detonator and tetryl booster. However, the fact that the M1 actuator lacked a explosive charge and that the mine was short the 2+ pounds of TNT was lost on those who either when planting of removing the device had it blow-up in their face!! Ever see someone rise off the ground from a prone position?!!? Fear can make muscles move you never knew existed!!"

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