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Re: 2nd Remount Unit WW1  AIF

From: Conway Bown
Date: 12/1/99
Time: 7:26:05 PM
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G'day from Australia.

I was searching for information on the 2nd Remount Unit myself and saw your query.

A remount unit was responsible for tending to the horses that were used for reinforcements for those horses wounded or killed in action. They helped break them in, trained them and tended them getting them ready for war.

I don't know how knowledgeable you are on the subject but in mounted units, such as Cavalry or Light Horse, the basic sub unit is a section which vary in size from 4 soldiers up to 10 soldiers. A number of sections, usually 4, would then make up a Troop (where we get the rank for a mounted Private soldier as a Trooper). Usually 3 Troops make up a Squadron (which is roughly the equivalent of a Company of Infantry) and then usually 3 to 5 Squadrons make up a Regiment (which is the equivalent of an Infantry Battalion). 3 Regiments make up a Brigade and three Brigades a Division.

Because a Remount Unit was a specialised formation, it does not readily fit in to these categories but you can probably assume it would be roughly the size or a Regiment or less.

My girlfriend's great grandfather served in 6th Squadron, 2nd Remount Unit and was killed in action during the advance to Jerusalem in November 1917. He served at Gallipoli in 1915 with other Light Horsemen.

If you want more information, contact Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Neil Smith here in Australia in Melbourne on +61 3 95555401 or by email at milhis@alphalink.com.au

He conducts searches through archives and can give you more information.

If you want to read a great book on the light horse during the desert campaign (which I think mentions the Remount units) look for "The Desert Column" by Ion Idress.

If you are interested in military art, visit my website at www.bonerproductions.com.au where I have some prints on the Australian Light Horse.

I hope this has been of help to you.

If you want to contact me for further info, my details are on my website.


Conway Bown CAPTAIN

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