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Canadian saddle

From: lemrick@pacpress.southam.ca
Date: 3/2/00
Time: 11:37:31 AM
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I have recently acquired what I believe to be a 1902 universl pattern service saddle of unknown vintage.

The sum total of my knowledge on the subject is extremely limited but I count myself fortunate to have stumbled upon the websight of the Australian Light Horse Association, with its excellent description.

From comparing the drawing on the websight with an initial examination of the one I have just purchased, they appear to be very similar in basic design.

The stirrups are stamped Carson and they both have a militarty broad arrow, one is dated 1914 the other 1915, and they are stamped nickle.The stirrup leathers may or may not be original but the buckles are certainly similar in style to the buckles elsewhere on the saddle.

The girth also may or may not be original. It is a faded blue colour but I cannot tell whether the colour isn't from some kind of contamination. There is a small piece of webbing with a d-ring on either end sewn laterally at the mid-point of the girth. It looks as though it could be a faded khaki colour.

The girth buckles, one on either end, are huge, each about 3 inches across .

There are several markings on both the small flaps where the y-rigging from the saddle attaches to the flat d-ring to which the girth attaches. There is a "D", a "C", and what appears to be either a 16 or 18. I can't find a broad arrow on the leatherwork but there is a mark on one flap I do not recognize: an oval about 1/4 inch in size with what could be a six-pointed cross in it like a spoked wheel.

Where mine differs with the picture of the Australian version is in the lack of a surcingle.

If anyone can help me with further identification of what I have I would appreciate it. It is in remarkable condition and I hope with a little restoration to use it. At this point i do not have the numnah panels but am making enquiries as to where I can buy either originals or reproductions. If anyone can help on this point i also would appreciate it. thanks , Larry Emrick

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