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Re: Canadian saddle

Date: 5/10/00
Time: 12:57:13 PM
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Luke: Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. I just this minute found yourmanufacture and probably supplied to the Canadian army and perhaps then to one of the many small militia mounted units that existed throughout the country at the time. It matches perfectly the diagrams I have seen of the 1890, having arches that extend below the sidebars; and the sidebars are longer and the fans, the rear portions, are longer than on the 1902 and later versions. Where mine differs from every other photo or drawing I have seen is in the y or v-attachment between girth and sidebars. Mine is rigged for latigo straps, and a string girth much like a North American western saddle, whereas all descriptions I have seen of the UP refer to them having two billet straps on each side and a leather girth, with of course, a surcingle. If you drop me a line to my e-mail address lemrick@pacpress.southam.ca perhaps we can continue this discussion. Thanks for responding. Larry

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