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Re: Breaker Morant

From: Gordo Taylor
Date: 10/10/00
Time: 11:19:55 PM
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Is this a discussion forum, or just somewhere the guys running the site constantly refer readers to newsletters, books and so on? What's the gist of the article in the refferred-to-newsletter? Is giving a reference to a newsletter considered to be a good way to get a discussion started? Or is that not the idea of this forum? It does have a rather large heading, in bold, which says 'Discussion', after all, so I'm just curious.

When answering people's questions or differences of opinions, why not actually formulate an answer, or counter an argument with your own, rather than saying 'read this or that book'. How is that a 'discussion'?

Or at least provide a reference to where the newsletter can be read / obtained.

Certain member/s of the ALHA apparently frequent the forum and respond sometimes as themselves and sometimes as 'ALHA', and for him / them I have a question. I'm intrigued why, since you consider Breaker Morant to have been such a thoroughly bad egg, is his photo such a prominet component of the site's main page?

Just my stirring two cents' worth Gordo again

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