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Cannot help you with the info on the badge of the Adelaide Lancers, but this is what I have on the units history, according to my sources the Adelaide Lancers were first mentioned in 1886:

1878 On 30 November an Act was passed providing for a permanent body of troops to be known as the South Australian Military Forces. It was to consist of 130 men who had already undergone military training. On the same day the Rifle Companys Act was passed, providing for the formation of Companies of 20 or more riflemen, who were to be supplied with rifles and ammunition by the Government and were to get the same pay as the ordinary volunteers. Each Company was to be named after the town or district where it was formed. The only rifle companys enrolled under the Act by the close of the year were Adelaide (No 1) Rifle Company and the Adelaide (No 2) Rifle Company.

1879 Same as in 1878. A large number of companys enrolled under the Act of 1878.

1880 Same as in 1879, but Reserve Force provided for by Act 1878 came into being.

1881 Same as in 1880.

1882 Same as before, except Permanent Artillery came into existence in September under the Act of 1878. 1883 1883 & 1884 Composition of the forces was;

a. Permanent Military Force - Artillery, b. Volunteers- Adelaide Mounted Rifles, Adelaide Artillery, Port Adelaide Artillery, Adelaide Rifles (2 Battalions), Ambulance Corps, and Reserve (A number of Rifle Companys, about 21,from the metro and country areas).

1885 Permanent Military Forces: "SA Artillery" at Fort Glanville. Volunteer Military Forces: a. Adelaide Mounted Rifles (1 troop) b. Artillery: A and B Btys c. Adelaide Rifles ( 2 battalions) d. Ambulance Corps _ Reserve e. Rifle Volunteer Force, of 32 rifle coys from metro and country centres.

1886 Same as in 1885 until 17 Nov when the Defence Forces Act was passed, bringing into existence the following organisation

(1) The Permanent Military Force to be the same as before. (2) A Militia to be created, embodying all branches of the old volunteer forces with the exception of the Rifle Volunteer Force. (3) A Volunteer Force to be formed, to include the old rifle Coys.

Organisation at the end of the year.

a. Permanent Artillery, at Fort Glanville and Largs.

Militia: a. Adelaide Lancers (2 troops) b. Artillery: "A" Bty fd arty (Adelaide) c. "B" Bty garrison arty (Port Adelaide) d. Adelaide Rifles (2 Bn's) e. Ambulance Corps f. Reserve of Cavalry, Arty and Inf.

Volunteer Force: a. Mounted Inf, (6 Coys form country centres) b. Infantry: 1 Bn of Adelaide Volunteers and units form various country areas.

1887 Same as in 1886, but by Dec 1887 there were 14 Coys (from the country centres).

1888 Same as before, but by end of year Mounted Inf, 16 Coys.

1889 Organisation as at 31 Dec 1889. Permanent Arty at Forts Largs & Glanville.

Militia: a. Adelaide Lancers (2 troops) b. Arty: i. A Bty Fd Arty (Adelaide~ ii. B Bty Garrison arty (Fort Glanville) iii. C Bty Garrison arty (Fort Glanville) c. Adelaide Rifles (3 x Bns)' d. Ambulance Corps e. Reserve of Cavalry, Artillery and Inf

Volunteer Force: a. Mounted Rifles (6 coys from country) b. Inf units from various country centres.

1890 Same as 1889, but by end of the year a Medical Department had been attached to the Volunteer Force.

1891 Act passed Dec 23, 1890 Volunteer force is now call Volunteer Military Reserve Force. Organisation on 31 Dec 1891.

a. Permanent Arty as before

Militia: a. Adelaide Lances (2 x Tps) b. Arty: as in 1889 c. Inf: 1st Bns of the 1st 2nd & 3rd Regts d. Ambulance Corps e. Reserve of Cavalry Artillery and Infantry. f. Volunteer Militia Reserve Force: g. Mounted Rifles (4 Coys from the country) h. Inf: the 2nd Bns of the 1st 2nd and 3rd Regts (from the country) i. Medical Department

1892 Same as in 1891.

1893 Organisation at end of year. Permanent Arty, at Forts Largs and Glanville.

Militia: a. Adelaide Lancers b. Arty: "A" Bty (Adelaide) c. "B". Coy (Fort Glanville) d. "C" Coy (Fort Largs)

Inf: a. 1st Bns of the 1st 2rid & 3rd Regts (Adelaide). Medical Department Ambulance Reserve of Cavalry, Arty & Inf.

Volunteer Militia Reserve Force: a. Mounted Inf (4 Coys from country) b. Inf 2nd Bns of 1st 2nd & 3rd Regts (from the country) c. Medical department.

1894 Same as in 1893 expect for addition of a machine Gun Corps and Signal Corps and omission of the Reserve.

1895 Same as in 1894 except "A" Bty of the Arty deleted in official composition of forces published Dec 1895. Under the Defence Act of 1895 (Passed 20 Dec) the forces were in future to be grouped into 3 classes; the Permanent Force, Active Militia Force and a Reserve Militia Force.

1896 to 1900 Organisation of the Force.

1. Permanent Arty, at Adelaide, Forts Glanville and Largs.

2. Active Military Force a. Mounted Rifles (4 Coys) Metro area b. Fd Arty ( 2 Btys ) " " c. Garrison Arty ( 2 Btys ) " " d. Machine Gun Corps " " e. Infantry ( 12 Coys ) " " f. Signal Corps " " g. Medical Staff Corps " "

3. Reserve Military Force a. Mounted Rifles (4 Coys) b. Infantry (4 Coys) c. Medical Staff Corps.

The Reserve Military Force was recruited from the country areas from 1896 to 1898 and from the City and Country in 1899 and 1900.

Regards....David Mercer Secretary South Australian Mounted Rifles Association

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