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Re: The Light Horsemen Film

From: John L. Matthew, Toronto, Canada <larry-751@excite.com>
Date: 12/12/00
Time: 10:48:45 AM
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What is this film/video? I've never come across the title before. I have Charles Chauvel's 1941 "40,000 Horsemen" from The Australian National Film & Sound Archive. Also the PAL VHS panned & scanned Full-length (131 minutes) Australian video from Columbia-Trisatr Down Under. Recently got "Inthe Desert We have Wriiten Our Names" courtesy of the L H Association secretary! All of course transferred here to our NTSC. Now in Enlgand the VHS pan & scan cut 115 minute video went off the market in August 1966! This version may still be available in the USa on special order. Seemingly RKO/October films hold the rights? BUT in 1996 LUMIVISION of Denver. Colorado produced a magnificent two laser disc gatefold album of the complete widescreen 131 minute director's cut. audio comme tary by Simon Wincer & tex commentary by Ian Jones, writer-producer. The second disc which was CAV (freeze frameable) had the climax from "40,00 Horsemen" & the Aussie trailer for "The LH". Sadly this is now off the market & deserves if possible to be reissued on DVD? Can anyone help me with a so far "impossible-to-trace" Australian color feature-length film made by Cambridge, a Melbourne film company. Shot in the sand hills of South Beach, Torquay, Victoria & using members of the Southern Command Army Modern Pentathlon Club, under the command of Major John McGnee. Horses in charge of Major Harry Burton, leader of the rmy Royal Show Tent Pegging Team. 5 officers & 4 NCO's recreated the story of legendary WW1 trooper Lofty Lane. Immortalized by "Trooper Gerardy", unofficial poet laureate of the Desert Column in 1916. Corporal Michael King, a RAEME NCO, formerly a stockman in the Maree, South Australia area, played Lofty Lane. I have many excellent books on the L H dating forward from 1917. Tried in vain so far to trace this obscure film on Lofty Lane! Would like to correspond on the LH in films, videos & books.

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