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question for the Light Horse- continued

From: Graham Brissett
Date: 4/8/2001
Time: 8:21:52 PM
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Why is it that you chaps 're-enact' the Light Horse but arent interested in the Living Histry side of your hobby? I understand that some of you Light Horsemen may be getting on but I'm sure with an association this size there must be SOME amongst you that want to live in the trenches for ONE weekend like the REAL WWI Light Horsemen did. Dont get me wrong, I'm not haveing a go at any of you, I just find it a bit shocking that no-one has answered my 'Nek re-enactment' posting. Surely, the opotunity to live the history would sound apealing to more than just us P.B.I. types :-). Remember the 18th Btn is building these trenches for ALL WWI re-enactors, I'd hate to see them used by only a few of us. Cheers, Graham (trench rat extrodinaire)

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