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Re: question for the Light Horse- continued

From: Rob Thomas
Date: 4/8/2001
Time: 8:35:34 PM
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There are many reasons but the main reasons are time and money. Cost wise, it is around $3500 for a full set of quality equipment, plus the horse and its upkeep. Then you have to transport it, that requires a vehicle and a horse float. it means roughly you also have to double the travel time for normal travel, offloading, spraying, resting and feeding horses. It is rather expensive to go away for a weekend.

Time wise; to give you an example, QMIHT in Brisbane had 28 weekends on which they had events (public appearances or parades) and/or training days. Training for a Light Horse troop is constant because you have to kkeep the horse fit and capable of doing the tasks at hand. So there arnt many weekends when we can go to something like your event. We also use our uniforms for parades. That means we dont want to be crawling around in the dirt in Bedford Cord breeches which are hard to replace and boots which are custom made in many cases. Saddles are all restored originals and most riders dont want to play around on them.

SO if we are a little tardy at going to other events, there are a couple of reasons

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