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Re: question for the Light Horse- continued

From: Graham Brissett
Date: 4/8/2001
Time: 9:12:58 PM
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Fair enough comment BUT, you wouldnt need to bring your horses (they just wont fit inot our trenches) :-). I do understand about the cost of equipt, I may do infantry but thats a VERY expensive part of WWI Aussie re enacting as well (the '08' webbing repro's cost$500 on up).

Also, if the Light Horse made the effort, we could do something like a Galipolli weekend where you wouldnt have to wear you nice gear but be in the 'underr', eg; shorts (cut off WWI will do) singlet or shirt, no leggings & boots (preferably brown, but black will do as well.

So please dont be offended by what I write, it's just that I can so much more potential for the LHA than just parades & horses (waits for lightning strike for saying that on a LH page):-).

On the same vien, I & my lads are allways interested in attending LH events where we can (we are very busy as well with drill & public displays), as I would love to see both Infantry & mounted Infantry work together as much as possible (Just like in Canberra a couple of years ago). Cheers, Graham

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