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Re: Breaker Morant

From: Joe West heliwest@btinternet.com
Date: 5/2/2001
Time: 7:42:45 AM
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I saw Mr Petch's comments on Morant. Typhoid and dysentary were not preventable in 1900 and killed as many British soldiers as camp inmates. Chairman Mao tells us that you have to separate the fish from the water when you are fighting a guerrilla war and this is the tactic employed by Kitchener. However the herding of people into the camps certainly led to many deaths from ignorence and poor administration rather than design. The German missionary was called Carl August Daniel Heese - not Hesse. There is no doubt that Morant and Handcock were shot for the death of Heese (for which they were acquitted)and also for the murder, by Handcock, of one of their own soldiers Tpr Van Buuren. Incidentally the BVC were not an Australian unit.The figures from Next of Kin forms in London Public Record Office shows the composition of the BVC as almost equally divided between British, Australian and South African NOK addresses with a few others such as Americans and New Zealanders.

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