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Re: puzzeled - a bit long but worth the read I think

From: Graham
Date: 5/6/2001
Time: 10:21:30 PM
Remote Name:


Well well, I seemed to have ruffled some feathers of 'the powers that be' ;-). I recived an E mail from Mr T Childs asking who asked me to put the LH site link on my page in return for the LH putting my link in the LH links section. Eg;

"Please advise who requested you to create a link with our site.


T.Childs Secretary"

I sent this e mail back to him:

Dear Tom, Im sorry to say that that info has long gone since my comp crashed & I have lost the last 6 months e mail records. I did recive an e mail asking me to link to your site (which I would have done anyway) after filling out the form for you to add my site to your page. This was a while ago, thats why I was so irate yesterday. So will my site be added? (just a question, not a demand) if not, I will remove your link from my site with no hard feelings as I hope to still work with the LH when & where we can. Cheers, Graham Brissett

To which Mr Childs (the master of PR) replies:


Having read your comment on our discussion board I advise the following.

There will be no link to your site.

There will be no further communication with you or your organization.

T.Childs Secretary "The powers that be" "

I told Mr Childs that I was glad that NOT ALL Light Horsemen are as stuck up as him. I didnt see anything wrong with the original post I put up. There were no insults & I even put the wink (;-)) in there so folks would know I wasnt flaming anyone. I was however making use of the public forum to voice my disatisfaction at having a link to my site left off the links page for so long when I complied the same day with the person who sent me the original e mail. Im not in this for a slanging match but I do think that Mr Childs may have shot from the hip in this case. I do & always will enjoy working with the Light Horse where I can & find most members more than friendly (mostly).I find most troops well turned out & always ready with questions I or the public may have about the Light horse (My wifes relo seved with the LH in the Boer war). Keep up the good work & Mr childs, count to ten before you reply ok? ;-). See some of you around I hope. Cheers, Graham Brissett 18th Btn A.I.F. living History group 1916-1918

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