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Re: puzzeled - a bit long but worth the read I think

From: Graham - again
Date: 5/7/2001
Time: 11:54:32 AM
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Just re read my e mails & I really dont see me being rude anywhere. I only copies those e mails onto the list so that everyone else could see what was going on. If certain idividuals took what I wrote as stirring or rude well, I'm sorry about that, it certainly wasnt meant to be. Im sure you can see my point though yes? I was promised a link in this site to my page in exchange for on to yours, fair enough. I put your link on my page, this site did not. Yes I was a bit miffed when I wrote the original E mail & I certainly was out of line putting it on the public forum, but I had sent several e mails before this & recived no response. I cannot prove this due to losing the last 6 months e mail records. I would how ever like you to point out where I was rude so I can explain ok? Lets sort this out (no Im not crawling to get on your site, I just want a fair go) Graham

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