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From: Anthony Cryan (arlho@arlho.net)
Date: 6/17/2001
Time: 1:34:53 AM
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Hi folks.....

My name is Tony Cryan and I web a site called ARLHO (Australasian Register of Living History Organisations. It currently lists nearly 300 reenactment organisations and 60 odd "supply / service" entries covering Australia and New Zealand.

The site has been up since 1995 and for 2001 I'd like to advise some changes to ARLHO, which I hope will make it easier to use :

a) Entries have been further spilt per State / Country b) Entries for sub groups appear under the parent group <non independent sub groups are not counted in any tallies> c) A different page layout and menu system d) Provision of an "extra info" window (automatically closing) <Note: I'll need some extra info from groups e.g. numbers> e) Changes in the Reference links (will expand in the future) f) Online status indicator from Yahoo available as well as ICQ g) A new Era / Summary page (find out how many groups are where) h)The creation of WWW.ARLHO.NET (easier to remember I hope - please alter bookmarks)

Some alterations have come from suggestions of users - to them I would say thank you for the feedback and to all, please keep on speaking up - ARLHO's purpose has been to improve communication between people in relation to our craft, and it is only through people that the site will continue.

The resource/ reference area is different, and will be expanding.

As always, during the life of ARLHO there are going to be some entries which may be incorrect or out of date - if so that is because that in 99% of cases no one has indicated that something should be changed. I ask everyone's assistance to keep things accurate (I'd be very grateful if event organiser's who have "bouncebacks" or "not known at this address" items, please tell me so I can make the needed alterations.

The ARLHO calendar for events, feasts and training days is as always still available - organisations are encouraged to directly link to the page from your group website - it effectively then becomes your scheduler for your members (not that it isn't already) as anyone can add items to it at any time. End benefit of being able to see the combined activities is that everyone gets a better idea of what's happening around the place. With the growing instances of individuals - if not whole groups - time slicing to different eras (and the number of multi group activities growing), it is hoped that the calendar will help both organisers and participants.

Along with the change in layout, there is now an ARLHO banner - I would ask that links consider utilising this via the following code :

<A HREF="http://www.arlho.net/"> <IMG SRC="http://www.arlho.net/arlhobttc.jpg" WIDTH="428" HEIGHT="64" ALIGN="BOTTOM" BORDER="0" NATURALSIZEFLAG="0"></A>

Hope you like ARLHO:TNG.......if not, please let me know and bring along your suggestions so that we can look at fixing things.

Please check your respective entry, and also the new "extra info" details now requested for a full entry.

Thanks - I hope I get a chance to meet some you in the future.


Anthony Cryan Australasian Register of Living History Organisations arlho@arlho.net http://www.arlho.net

Last changed: June 17, 2001