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"The Lighthorsemen" film & sound track

From: larry-751@excite.com
Date: 8/10/2001
Time: 5:56:06 AM
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Hi fellows - Mario & George etc! I'm trying to get everyone e-mailing to the Aussie Archives to actually buy the movie on PAL VHS & if you live in the USA have it transferred locally on to your own NTSC standard. As one of you remarked the OZ dollar right now is very much in our favour over here in North America. YES! There was once an audio tape of just Mario Millo's music plus that for another film he did the music for "Shame". But I expect it's long gone off the market. Your best bet is to buy the movie from <www.screensound.org.au> or e-mail them at ... enquiries@screensound.gov.au! You could reread my earlier piece about getting the film for more details. The Archive film is the full length one, not cut like the version sold in the US/Canada on VHS. I hope it is also widescreen. Otherwise only the Lumivision laser discs version was the ONLY full complete film ever seen in the US/Canada! It is now off the market over here. Nobody seems to have the rights to DVD, though one correspondent told me she saw an illegal Asiatic DVD of the cut down US version being offered on e-bay! Worth staying away from, if so! Come on get the real movie from the OZ Archives. I've dealt with them in the past for videos. John L. Matthew, Toronto...larry-751@excite.com

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