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Salute The Horse

From: Brent Watson
Date: 8/13/2001
Time: 3:16:58 PM
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Video Available.

It is almost a century since WW1, and the legend of the Lighthorse is exciting a new generation. The Western Australian Light Horse and Field Artillery Memeorial Troop asks you to travel back in time.

To imagine that your life depends on your horse, and his life on you. Imagine having to ask him to walk for days on end without food or water, then to face unimaginable horror.

Try to imagine your rage and grief at seeing him die horribly from gas ruined lungs, or torn apart by shrapnel.

Imagine the great bond formed between soldier and horse in those four years, and then the unthinkable. To be told that Australia cannot, will not, take him home. You can go against orders and shoot him, or leave him behind condemned to the indignity of slavery at the hands of an uncaring master.

We invite you to relive the horses' journey from running free on the plains and mountains of Australia, to final abandonment in the Middle East after loyal service.

Like the men who rode and cared for them, lets us all -


Scenes include - Last Post. Rearing. Tentpegging. Horsemanship. Artillery Team and Firing Gun. Living re-creation of the monument on Mt Clarence in Albany. Synchronicity. Dead Horse scene. The Abandonment. A mate rescues his cobber.

Video costs $19.95 incl. GST. or $24.95 incl. postage and handling, and GST.

Order from avres@iinet.net.au Proceeds ploughed back into the living museum.

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