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Re: 6th light horse 2nd AIF  James Francis Morgan #436

From: Bryn Dolan bdolan@anzacs.org
Date: 8/29/2001
Time: 8:45:07 AM
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When the Australian Imperial Force was formed in 1914, it was originally thought that it would consist only of 20,000 men - a division of infantry and a light horse brigade (1st, 2nd and 3rd Regiments) with other units such as artillery, engineers, etc. It was soon realised that more would be required, so a second division and light horse brigade - which included the 6th regiment - was formed. At the time, these were referred to as the 'First AIF' or 'First Contingent' and 'Second AIF' or 'Second Contingent'. The AIF was also frequently referred to as the Australian Imperial Expeditionary Force (AIEF), and sometimes simply as the 'Expeditionary Force'. Eventually as the war progressed, these distinctions and variations fell out of use, but, as you can see if you read a newspaper from late 1914, they were made constantly at the beginning of the war. The AIF was of course never referred to as the '1st AIF' until the Second World War, when the 2nd AIF was formed. The 6th Regiment initially saw action at Gallipoli. It was posted on the far southern flank, along Bolton's and Holly Ridges - which run off the Lone Pine Plateau - in such places (amongst others) as Ryrie's Post and Chatham's Post.

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