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"The Lighthorsemen" on DVD in Australia!

From: larry-751@excite.com
Date: 9/21/2001
Time: 6:34:10 AM
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I discovered one Aussie firm was selling this film on both PAL VHS & DVD, full length at 131 minutes BUT panned & scanned! They told me it was only legal in OZ to sell it panned & scanned. Happily no longer so! The sales division of Screen & Sound Archives tells me a new widescreen, full length Australian DVd is now available from MAGNA PACIFIC, Oz's biggest distributors, (with I discovered more than 6,000 retailers handling their videos in OZ!) Priced at $34.95 . BUt it is Region 4 DVD, playable only in OZ, NZ, the Pacific Islands, Central America, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean. However firms in OZ, Britain possibly the USa are supplying or making modifications to various makes of DVd players so they will handle other Region DVD's than they are set-up for! So we ARE getting there. I hope you Light Horse enthusiasts will take asdvantage of this & again enjoy the film as it was meant to be seen, Sincerely, John L. Matthew - larry-751@excite.com

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