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Re: Looking for Camel Corps Uniforms colors

From: Steve Becker
Date: 9/26/2001
Time: 9:35:51 AM
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you are right the Camel Corps worn the standard Australia uniform with the following additions,

The hat was the slouch hat which was always worn down, a emu plume was not worn but some reinforcments from the Light Horse may have stil had them! The badge was also worn in front of the hat (not always) it could be the AIF badge or a non offical badge of the Camel Corps. At the Camel training Deport a Cork Helmet was issued but many aussies threw them away.

The Jacket was the stardard four pocket coat which due to washing and the sun turned it to a light drab colour as if faded.

Trousers were worn in winter but in summer shorts were worn, these were of a long type which came down to the knee, this protected the iner thigh from chaffing.

Puttees were worn as Leggings chaffed the Camel.

The Camelier carried 300 rds 303 ammunition on him in the light horse bandalier and on his belt with a further two hunred around the camels neck.

He carried the same water bottle but had a five gallon fantiess under the camels saddle.

I hope this helps.

Steve Becker

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