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Re: Movies on The Light Horse

From: farlorn@aol.com
Date: 10/2/2001
Time: 3:32:32 PM
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Hello Again, Thanks for your help on the movies and the web sites. It dawned on me that I have a saddle something like the Australian Light Horse used back those years. Smoebody cut the leather on the pommel and put a brass saddle horn. The frame is metal with adjustable side boards. Terms may not be right!!! We have no ladies in our unit, however some of the Civil War groups do. The reason for my unit not having women is purely historical, there were none in the army in the 1880's. I have ridden with a few in the Civil War units and can say without hesitation that they most often look the part, dress the part, and can ride hell bent for leather when asked to. We do an encampment in the Arizona desert in the springtime fighting Apaches. We eat period food, sleep on period dirt, and of course use period latrines. There is no senario just they are there, you find them, and then you deal with them. What period of history do you focus on and are you a reenactor or real army? Wish I lived closer I could learn more about and possibly participate in the Light Horse groups. Anyway thanks again for all your help on rhe movies and such.

The Old Bugler.... Mike Oxford

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