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Re: "Diggerdave" & Movies on the Light Horse.

From: larry-751@excite.com
Date: 10/6/2001
Time: 5:30:47 AM
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Dear Diggerdave: Apologies for my misspelling Cronulla! I must have misread my OZ film reference book & been in too much of a rugh posting the piece. I never heard of any females taking part as Lighthorsemen in the movie. Thought Chauvel probably kept his soldiers circling round & round in front of the cameras to look like 40,000! We know the Archives VHS is THE definitive one now at 87 minutes long. The rest of the original 101 minutes is lost.However Halliwell's 2000 edition of the video/film book still shows 100 minutes, as does Movies Unlimited in Philadelphia for their VHS video. I'm trying right now to get the exact length from them! Since the US print was cut down, can't imagine they have more of the film than the OZ Archives do! The documentary video "Charles Chauvel: Action Director" is well worth getting..

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