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Re: Breaker Morant

From: Nick
Date: 10/14/2001
Time: 8:24:55 PM
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I'll try and be very plain. If you enlist in any army, you are subject to their law. This is not in dispute. Of course, if you enlist in another Army you are subject to their military Law. ie Bushveldt Carbineers = British = subject to death penalty. (I suppose, and Bryn might back me up on this, that the Bushman units raised by the Colonies pre-Federation would have also been subject to British Army Law.) Lt. Witton had to petition the King to have his Life Sentence commuted because he was subject to British Law. Everyone who signed the petitions (all 100,000 of them) also accepted Morant, Handcock and Witton were subject to British Law. They just disagreed with it!

If you enlist in the Australian Army now, or did any time since Federation you could not and can not be sentenced to death. My point has been, is still and will continue to be that Morant's and Handcock's deaths caused the death penalty law to NOT be adopted by the Australian Army when it was formed post 1901. AND, this is the last time I'm writing it!! If you want to experience it, don't forget to watch the movie next Saturday.

Don't get me started on blindly following the British or I'll start laying into people like M'Cay (born in Scotland) who had his battalions decimated attacking Krithia and does it again when he insists on attacking Fromelles!


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