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"The Anzacs" tv mini-series on video - complete!

From: larry-751@excite.com
Date: 10/19/2001
Time: 5:29:38 AM
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Larry to the rescue! "The Anzacs" can be had in Australia on PAL VHS two cassettes from the Australian War Museum Shop. #6778 for $59.80 AUD. You can find the link to the Museum on this LHAssociation site! Now for the USA/Canada, the official agents & distributors on video are <www.belleandblade.com> They have it on two NTSC VHS cassettes for $29.98 US plus postage extra. AND again it runs the full 6 hours! I too once found the truncated, cut to feature movie length NTSC VHS cassette version here in Canada some years ago. Got it from a rental outlet & it went off the market, deservedly so I guess. Interesting because apart from Paul Hogan's maybe first film role, it featured Jon Blake & Tony Bonner as well! Both to later shine in Simon Wincer's "The Lighthorsemen" in 1987. If anyone would like the latest on poor John Blake's situation, may I suggest you go to <www.google.com> & enter "Jon Blake's accident" for a search. A page of sites is shown & the first is very complete. The second adds two photos of him & recaps the same text. There's another site given for "COPPA", the Australian Organization helping those unfortunates in care. Pretty alarming information too!

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