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US Cavalry

From: John Wilson email  hugo@actrix.gen.nz
Date: 11/13/2001
Time: 6:21:13 AM
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Edwin Price Ramsay, now 84, led a US Cavalry charge against the Japanese in 1942. He is thought to be the last man to lead the US Cavalry in a charge, and President Truman dissolved the last US mounted units in 1950.

America is now supplying horse feed to Afghan rebels. While Pentagon officials said that rebels on horseback had charged Taleban tanks and armoured personnel carriers, this was doubted by both Ramsey and tactical expert David Isby who said that for transporting men and supplies in mountainous terrain horses were second only to helicopters.

Apparently one of the (Northern) Alliance commanders, Rashid Dostum, has 600 fighters on horses.

From AP, Washington, published 10 November in “The Dominion” Wellington NZ.

PS: The 1942 US Cavalry charge presumably in the Philippines? Shades of 1939, with Polish cavalry charging German Panzers?

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