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Re: Light Horse Officers

From: steve becker
Date: 11/17/2001
Time: 1:47:11 PM
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exactly, I well remember some years ago the sensation of a TV program called Muiteny on the Western Front. And how it gave the impresition of disgrace to the brave men who fought in France.

You are right about sources, other thing of this Pay TV program on the Light Horse was the statement by Chauval about his coments to the order to withdraw from Gaza in March 1917, where he is stated to have disagreed with it?

The promblem is there is no everdece of him quirying this order, not in his order books or other, if he did there is no record of it!

As a soldier he may have said something after the event but not during it. This Myth is repeted again and again.

This of cause does not detract from Chauval only we should be aware of hero worshiping the greatman, as his many deeds out weight this minor point.

While in the USA many years ago when coming back from Bosnia I mention some minor points of General Robert E Lee's defence at a battle when I was acosted by pro Lee suporters, as a bad word could never be spoken about him, lets not go down that trail with our study of the Light Horse and its Leaders there big enough to look after themselsves and notting we say or write can ever detract from that.

Steve becker

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