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Re: A Beersheba 'myth'?

Date: 11/30/2001
Time: 8:06:10 AM
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You need to understand a little ballistics theory. A bullet, once fired, will be acted upon by gravity immediateky it leaves the barrel of a rifle, and will start dropping towards the ground. At short distances this will have little effect, but over longer distances, in order to hit a target, this effect of gravity must be compensated for. The bullet's trajectory, over say 1,600 yards, must be a much higher arc than it woule be over 400 yeards in order to fall in the intended 'kill zone'. The rifle sights are therefore adjusted 'up'.

The Turks forgot to lower their sights because they were so accustomed to the Light Horse tactic of dismounting and advancing on foot. Once the Light Horsemen passed within the range of the 'kill zone' (at, somewhat beyond and slightly before 1600 yards), then the bullets were well above their heads, following the high arc trajectory necessary to hit a target at longer distance..


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