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Re: 8th LH 1st AIF

From: Ian Berick
Date: 12/1/2001
Time: 10:02:49 AM
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Steve & Elizabeth,

Thanks for your 'look ups'. Did you also check Percy Morris (his mothers surname) ? Yes I have searched the NAA data base and asked the question previously without luck. I am currently waiting for a couple of certificates that may help but I am not hopefull, they are long shots. I know that to enlist for WW2 he put his age back, so he may have changed his name etc to enlist in WW1, who knows ? Certainly the family history is fairly strong that he was in the LH and his brother referred to the 8th LH in a funeral notice. But, you never know, the whole lot may have been a load of porkies. My mums dad used to boast about having served at Gallipoli but he didn't enlist until 1916 !!! I am also trying to get info on my paternal grandfathers enlistment in WW1 but again without luck. According to me dad his father enlisted in about 1915 and was at Werribee Vic training when menengitus broke out and it was found that he was the carrier, he was subsequently discharged. The search continues. Thanks again.

Ian Berick

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