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KIA and DOW Figures

Date: 12/3/2001
Time: 10:03:29 PM
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Obviously YOU have CHECKED and studied the KIA and DOW figures for the ALH!? What source did you use? Then perhaps you can enlighten us mere mortals, Most Knowledgeable One, of the ACTUAL figures of KIA, DOW and DOD! For your information MKO, I did not state 'that most died of disease.'Do not ever make the mistake again of twisting my words to serve your own purpose. If you care (or even bother) to re-read my article which you were quick to go in for the kill, YOU will read that I said, and I quote: "Am I correct in assuming (and saying) that most deaths in the ALH were disease (or other causes)related." I am not the one denigrating!

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