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Re: Photos donated to, and held by, AWM

Date: 12/4/2001
Time: 10:59:50 PM
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Well said! I can relate to the many readers of this discussion a case which occurred not that many years ago when an RSL Sub-Branch (which shall remain anonymous) sent down to the AWM a rather large portrait image of the town's First World Victoria Cross winner as well as a similar rather large portrait image of another of the town's First World War heroes and a large framed collage of about twelve of the town's men's photographs who were killed in action, died of wounds or died of other causes, to be restored and or refurbished. Time went by and after repeated inquiries as to how the restoration jobs were progressing, the frmaed images were subsequently returned. Not that long of a time after, I happened to be in another RSL Sub-Branch's 'museum' and I noticed a smaller copy of the larger VC portrait photograph in one of the disply cases. Upon asking where this copy came from, I was informed that it was purchased from the AWM after it (and the other photographs as well) was seen on the AWM's web site. Being the dobber that I am, I raised the awareness of the RSL Sub-Branch who had the original photograph of the AWM selling copies and I was told by the Sub-Branch's President that NO APPROVAL was given to the AWM to copy the original photographs. A similar fee system for use and purchase of images held by the NSW State Library also exists. And finally, there has been a new book just released, 'From the Home Front to the Front Line' which contains hundreds of images (photographs) and to the author's (Juan Mahony) credit, not one of these images came from the AWM.

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