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Light Horse Ammo supply

From: steve becker
Date: 12/5/2001
Time: 8:34:41 PM
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Some time ago I answered an inquiry about the ammo carried by a Camelier. In this answer I could not find a example of a Camel Soldier carrying 300 rds of Ammo. This I surposed was. "he may have carried the remainder in a cotten banbolier?" But couldn't be certain.

My problem is this on rereading my chapter (in my soon to be published History of the Camel Brigade) on the 2nd Battle of Gaza I found this in the records.

The Camel Brigade was under orders of the Imperial Mounted Division on the 17th April 1917 and as per Brigade SOP carried 300 rds per man, The Mounted Divisions SOP's called for each man to carry 250 rds per man for their attack on Atawine Redoubt. On the night of the 18th April the Brigade came under orders of the 54th British Division for an attack on the redoubts on the Gaza-Beershaba road. that Divisions SOP's called for 150 rds per man.

In all the photos I seen on the Light Horse I don't recall ever seeing one showing a Trooper with more then his Bandolier and belt pouchers of Ammo. I've seen many photos of soldiers in France with these cloth Bandoliers but not Light Horsemen, How could they other wise have carried 250 rds as per their SOPs for the battle?

Does any know of a photo showing how they carried this extra Ammo!

Thank you

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