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Another Story of Lost (?) Confidence in the RSL

Date: 12/10/2001
Time: 10:09:37 PM
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Well said! I can tell yet another story (one of many) about the lack of interest by the (regional and local) RSL to commemorate the deeds and sacrifices of our forbears. It was sometime mid 2000 when I was invited to the official opening of the Korean War (another one of the the 'forgotten' wars?) at the local regional museum when I happened to 'bump' into a State (and District) Councillor of the RSL. When I asked him if anything had been done about the lists of the 600 local men from the region who had enlisted and served overseas in the South African Boer War of 1899-1902 which I had sent to each of the thirty-plus RSL Sub-Branches in his and the surrounding district with the suggestion that a plaque be erected with their names on it in each of the towns the Boer War men came from, and after I reminded him of the original RSL's Oath Of Allegiance which said in part: 1. Objects: (b) To preserve the memory and records of those who suffered and died for the nation to erect monuments to their valor .. his answer was: "Why I should reply to any of your correspondence when you are not a constituent of mine." What difference does it make whether I am a 'constituent' of his or the RSL or any other organisation? Always remember one thing when dealing with organisations: "Know thyself and know thy enemy. And in a thousand battles haver a thousand victories." Needless to say the RSL no longer get a look in! The window of opportunity has been well and truely closed to them!

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