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Re: What is an SOP?

Date: 12/15/2001
Time: 5:51:20 PM
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You should know that FSR deal with the Army as a whole while SOP's deal at Unit level.

The FSR like the drill manuels set the stardard from the Army, while units use SOP's to suit themselves.

Example; The drill manual tells you how to do the drill but the SOP tells you how to use. My old unit SOP's for guard mount drill told us how we conduct it at RHQ, this info can not be given in FSR or the drill manuel, it also covered mess parade and what type of Ammo we carried on a FSV/APC.

When I say, "it said it in the SOP's for a unit" that means it is in their War records, and not a modern term I throught up and is available to you to read.

I only wanted help in finding a photo of a Light Horseman wearing a cotten bandolier, if this is not availible that does not mean there wasn't one only there is no photo. Like I said there are many photos from France of there use.

Is there some record in a diary which may tell how he carried his Ammo, I have read that a Light Horseman carried between 140 to 150 rds on him in bandolier and waist pouches.

So can you help or go off the point again!

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