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Re: Don't Shoot the Messenger!

From: Ben Dover
Date: 1/2/2002
Time: 7:40:19 AM
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Dry your eyes. If you can't handle the fact that someone born in New South Wales is from New South Wales, then it seems you have some kind of inferiority problem, or a problem with reality. Either way, it's YOU that has the problem. There's been a lot of talk on this forum about misinformation on the internet, but it seems that if anyone, in pointing out one of these inaccuracies, steps on toes by questioning some fantasy dear to some hearts, they're accused of having no sense of humour.and of being 'parochial'. What a knee-jerk , illogical, unthinking, irrelevant observation. Parochial is claiming in the first place that someone was from Queensland just because he later became famous and at some time had a connection with the state, and then foaming at the mouth when somebody points out that this isn't true. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! It seems misinformation is okay if some people want that misinformation to be true. And what makes you so certain I'm even from New South Wales? I'm not.. I'm just obviously more concerned with facts than you are.

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