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To Ben Dover

From: Norman Conquest
Date: 1/2/2002
Time: 9:52:35 PM
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Interesting word, "facts". In "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" 30.ix.18 T.E.Lawrence writes of Australians as ...dominant, too sure of themselves to be careful: and yet:-as they lazily swaggered those quick bodies, all curves with never a straight line, but with old and disillusioned eyes : and yet:- I felt them thin-tempered, hollow, instinctive; always going to do great things; but with the disquieting suppleness of blades half-drawn from the scabbard. Disquieting : not dreadful. The English fellows were not instinctive, nor negligent like the Australians....(who) stood in groups and walked singly...." These observations were of Chauvel's men at the fall of Damascus. Facts are important - but it all comes back to who is recording them and what their agenda is.

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