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Horses in the Modern Battle

From: Tony Corbet
Date: 1/7/2002
Time: 3:24:19 PM
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I have read with much interest many accounts of horses being used in modern (post 1900) warfare. I would like to hear opinions from members of this discussion group if they think that there is a role, if any, for the horse in modern warfare, whether it be in a support or a directly tactical manner. Obviously the question is dependant upon the terrain so just for the purposes of the discussion lets say that the AO (area of operations) could be anywhere on the Australian mainland north of the Tropic of Capricorn. Enemy forces could be a brigade amphibious landing force with the ability to maintain air superiority over their bridgehead and air parity within 200 km of the landing site and the ability to resupply indeffinately by sea so long as air and sea superiority is maintained. Enemy would be composed of three infantry battalions, two trasportable (in trucks) and one mechanised (in APCs, say BMP 1s) and supported by one regiment of armour (T72) and towed medium and heavy artillery. The infantry would have organic mortor and heavy machine gun sub-units. The enemy would be able to land an extra battalion of infantry per week. The enemy mission could be to secure and annex terrain for settlement and access to natural resourses.

Please don't bombard me with questions as to who the enemy may actually be and the plethora of detail I have omitted. This is just to give some context to the question as to if there is any role at all in modern warfare of the horse.


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