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Beersheba-deceptions & intelligence officers

From: matheson75@yahoo.ca
Date: 1/9/2002
Time: 6:39:50 AM
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Dear Rob: I can assure you after corrspondence with Simon Wincer that in no way could anyone consider Ian Jones, his friend & co-producer as well as scenarist for "The Lighthorsemen" was under any directorial whim. Or for that matter a time limit really! Brian Garfield has researched that Meinertzhagen was in fact a sort of "Baron Munchausen" & despite the current biography by the late Peter Capstick which I've just got hold of, he says everyone including Allenby, Churchill, Lloyd George & Wavell was fooled by the lies that Meinertzhagen told about his life & career. It seems he had little at all to do with the Haversack ruse that convinced the Turks & Germans that the main attack would fall on Gaza & not Beersheba. Like me , Mr Garfield believes the film is terrific. But Ian Jones, des pite his own dedicated expertise regarding the Light Horse was fooled as well by Meinertzhagen's "career". Garfield claims this man has distiorted our view of the Middle East historically speaking also. Seemingly he was a Zionist & keen ornithologist, that much is true. The film remains a great tribute, even if this part is based on misrepresentation. I still think the LHa ought to investigate the officers Brian mentioned in his posting!

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