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Re: Enlistment Details

From: Bryn Dolan
Date: 1/17/2002
Time: 12:07:09 PM
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Thanks for the info on Flohr, Steve.

The information I compiled on the 5th Light Horse was based, in the first instance, on the nominal roll in the 5th Light Horse history (Wetherell and Wilson). I entered that information into a database program in 1985. Databases are recognised tools for research these days, but believe me, back then, it was difficult to explain to people what you were doing! I then obtained the nominal roll of the 5th Light Horse from the AWM and added that information. Details in CWGC cemetery / memorial registers (I had these long before they put up a website) were added where applicable, as well as information from newspapers etc.

I then moved on to researching a different topic - the Anzacs (all of them) who died at Gallipoli - a portion of which (the officers only) appears on my 'anzacs.org' website. I did not continue with entering details of those who joined the 5th Light Horse from other units as I did not have access to the many embarkation rolls that that would have required. I mentioned before that the cost of obtaining a complete set of embarkation rolls was quoted to me by the AWM as approx. $3000. Obviously it would have been impractical for me to pay that kind of money just so I could get a few names here and there out of each unit's roll to enter into the 5th LHR list (not to mention that I didn't have a spare $3000 lying about even if I had wanted to get a copy).

I haven't lived in Australia since 1989, so it's also impractical for me to just duck down to Canberra to use the rolls there, and in any case, when I do get to Canberra (maybe a few days once every eighteen months or so), all my time is taken following up leads on the Gallipoli casualties, both at the AWM and National Archives.

I have to disagree with you when you said that the book 'left so many gaps in it'. There is no other roll I know of, for any unit, Light Horse or otherwise, that gives such a comprehensive nominal roll of its members, even including details of where they transferred in from and out to. It just doesn't happen in any other roll I've ever seen. You said also that, in this book, which after all is the History of the 5th Light Horse Regiment, that 'little to nothing' was included on those who came from other units. I don't find that surprising, since it's not a history of those other units. But it does tell us which units they were, which alone puts it streets ahead of any other unit history's roll.

Anyway, thanks again for the info and for the offer on Camel Corps connections. I appreciate the offer and would certainly like to get some more on them from you.




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