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Re: Light Horse Re-enactors (?) at Tamworth.

From: Tony Corbet
Date: 1/30/2002
Time: 5:33:52 PM
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As a formerly serving member (regular and irregular) of units such as 4/19 and other RAAC LH Regiments I would like to put my two bits in regarding this matter.

The LH has gone through several quite acute changes in role, equipment and formation over the last hundred years. It has a long and proud history that should be preserved and communicated at every opportunity. If we take this basic principle to be true, then there is a continuum of purpose to re-enactment activities - on one hand that all aspects should be in all respects accurate and on the other hand that as long as the spirit of the LH is embodied then it's OK.

My opinion is the reality is somewhere in between. My personal experience of serving in LH units is that the dress and equipment may change, but the central tenants of the lighthorseman are still embodied - resilience, mateship, commitment to the mission, improvisation, anticipation and loyalty, just to name a few.

At the end of the day I would like nothing more that to see re-enactors of a mid-20's age group, on perfect Walers in absolutely exact uniforms and equipment. On the other hand, I have never in 15 years of military service seen a unit perfectly kitted out with the scale of equipment and personnel as prescribed by some manual written by an REMF moron in Canberra. At no point in time in my military career bid I have every piece of equipment I should have had.

The spirit and the ideals that the LH embodies are icons that do, and will surpass any other physical icon - even the slouch hat, with plumes! That not withstanding we should strive to achieve an outcome where the spirit and the memory of the LH is permanently enshrined in the nation's spirit and the physical icons are tools used to enforce these important ideas of identity.


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