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Re: Horses in the Modern Battle

From: Matt
Date: 2/1/2002
Time: 1:09:44 PM
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I personally would like to see the horse return to the Australian defense forces, While I served in South Africa with the Australian Army, I met some of the South African mounted inf unit( 1st special recce regt). This units responsibility was to help the special forces recon elements and disrupt enemy comms etc, also this unit was used to track terrorist and gun suppliers and illegal imms on the borders. The SAS in Australia quite regulary train its troopers to ride horses and camels as part of adventure training. The main advantage that the horse has over the modern vechs and choppers, its silent! The northern parts of the NT and WA has some fairly inaccesable country, especially the gorge country, anybody who has been in this country would agree, all types of vechs have almost no hope in this country. Also the eastern fall country in QLD and NSW and VIC has country that is to steep for motorbikes, 4wd and tracked vech must use a winch. Why not raise a reserve unit in the north for this purpose? cheers for now matt

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